White Day VR : The Courage Test – Test Your Courage In New Upcoming Horror Title For PC

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White Day VR : The Courage Test is a new upcoming virtual reality game (VR) for the PC and Steam.

The game takes place in the Yeondu High School where testing ones courage will result in various multiple endings.

Are you brave enough to survive the horrors that surround the school?

White Day VR: The Courage Test is an immersive VR experience that sees players returning to Yeondu High School in the dead of night to take on a chilling challenge unlike any other.

In order to gain entry into the Occult Club students must undertake the “Courage Test”. But when senior Occult Club member Da-Hee Kim informs you that the test has been bought forward a day, how do you know if she can be trusted?

Long since closed after an unexplained accident, classroom 1-1 is now being used as a storeroom. Step into the eerie darkness and use the VR controller to interact with the decaying furniture inside and locate 15 hidden items.


White Day VR : The Courage Test is said to be releasing on PC/Steam and more specifically the HTC Vive Headset this October 30th.

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