WWE 2K22 – New Trailer Arrives. Showcases The Many New Features

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Despite the team stating that their next update regarding WWE 2K22 would not come until January, we are now treated to a brand new trailer a few months earlier than expected.

In this new trailer we get treated to a glimpse of what the new and exciting features will be, which seems to include a redesigned gameplay engine, new controls, enhanced graphics, MyGM, and many more..

Though the game has yet to be released and any actual gameplay seems to be rather elusive, this has to be good news for fans of wrestling and the WWE 2K games. Especially given that a lot of fans have been complaining about many of the features in the past, which now seemed to of all had somewhat of an improvement.

The trailer also shows us a brief return of the story mode, which has been renamed to MyRise. As well as a General Manager mode which is said to of been inspired by the Smackdown Vs Raw series.

Thanks to the new redesigned gameplay engine, fans can now perform better and snappier attack chain combos, though the reversal system still seems to be a thing. One can hope it is at least an improvement over the past games.

This game’s 2K showcase also seems to feature the wrestler Rey Mysterio, this time around. As is seen from this latest trailer.

WWE 2K22 will be releasing in March 2022 for console and PC

Fans can expect more news regarding the game come January.

  • GAME: WWE 2K22
  • DEVELOPER: Visual Concepts
  • RELEASE DATE: March 2022 
  • PLATFORM: Playstation 4, PC, XBox One
  • GENRE: Sports, Wrestling
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