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If you’re struggling to defeat a boss in Lies of P, you may be wondering where to farm star fragments. Star fragments will make your boss fights so much easier, and is the only viable way to take on the tougher bosses like Archbishop Andreus. And with the sheer number of boss fights in Lies of P, you’re going to need a lot of star fragments. Farming them is a great way to stock up. 


All Legion Arms Achievement
Parade Master Boss Fight
Special Weapon Collector
Mad Donkey Boss Fight
Farming the City Hall threat to obtain Star Fragments

What Are Star Fragments in Lies of P?

A star fragment is a unique material in Lies of P that allows you to spawn a specter to help you take on a boss. You can find star fragments within your inventory. They fit under the category of ‘special material’ within your inventory. 

Within the game, Star Fragments are described as having the capability to “cross dimensions to grant human wishes”. Because they’re so powerful, knowing where to farm star fragments is invaluable in Lies of P. 

Using a Crack's Calling which is required for the Star Fragment

Where to Farm Star Fragments 

With that being said, there are a few different ways to farm star fragments in Lies of P, each with its own strengths and drawbacks.

Firstly, you can buy star fragments. To do this, simply visit Giango. To visit him, you will first need to progress through to the fifth main area after defeating the Black Rabbit Brotherhood boss. He will sell you one fragment in exchange for three Gold Coin Fruits. His stock is unlimited, so you can technically farm all of the star fragments you need this way. However, this method will become very expensive very quickly, so unless you’re rich, it’s probably best to use a different method. There are also many bosses before you reach this area too. So chances are you will need them beforehand.

If you’d rather farm star fragments for free, then follow this method. First, fast travel to the Krat City Hall Courtyard Stargazer. Walk through the city hall- you should encounter two enemies. Take these guys out and then keep heading in the same direction. Within a few moments, you should see a huge puppet in front of a building. The City Hall. He’ll be smacking the ground with his fists. Go up to him and take him out. He will drop a star fragment. Then to repeat this process, simply head back to your hotel, and then fast travel to the City Hall again. When you reappear, the puppet should have respawned.

This puppet will drop a star fragment around 99% of the time. But, on occasion, he will only drop some ergo. If this happens, it’s unlucky but doesn’t mean that you’ve broken the farm. So, just go back and kill him again and he should drop another star fragment for you to collect.

You can also find Star Fragments randomly throughout the map in Lies of P. However, if you’re trying to know where to farm star fragments reliably, hoping for random spawns isn’t exactly an efficient approach. 

What Are They Used For?

Now that you know where to farm star fragments, you’re probably wondering what on earth you can use them for. 

In Lies of P, star fragments are used to kill bosses in boss fights. Simply place a star fragment down at a Crack’s Calling. Then, a specter will appear, who will help you in battle. Though you will technically have to enter the boss room first, before they will spawn.

However, you cannot use star fragments for your first two boss fights. This is so that you can get a better grasp on the combat system in Lies of P, without receiving any help. However, this also makes star fragments seem quite confusing at first. This is because there will literally be no use for them at the start of the game!

Because of how annoying they can be to farm, you shouldn’t use star fragments regularly. They’re more of a last-resort resource that you use when you have no way of defeating a boss. The bosses get exponentially more difficult to kill later in the game too, so refraining from using them in the early game is a good idea. 

On the other hand, now that you know where to farm star fragments, you will constantly have a way to obtain more. So as long as you don’t mind grinding the farming methods, there’s no reason why you couldn’t use star fragments more regularly. 

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