Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time – Trophies & Achievements List


The Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time trophies and achievements have arrived

Here is how they look;

2 Gold, 9 Silver, 40 Bronze which adds up to a possible 1,230 points altogether





Master Marsupial
Get EVERY trophy

Beat ‘Em Any Which Way
Beat any boss in N. Verted mode

Backwards & Forwards
Complete ALL levels in N. Verted mode

Beat a level in N. Verted mode

Taking the Side Road
Complete a Bonus Path

The Whole Picture
Complete all Timelines

Putting Things In Perspective
Complete any Timeline

Fleet of Feet
Play a game of Checkpoint Race

Settle the Score
Play a game of Crate Combo

What Has Been, Will Be Again
Defeat Dr. Neo Cortex… again.

The Fourth Time
Defeat Dr. Neo Cortex

Master Mixologist
Defeat N. Brio

Beaten With His Own Drum
Defeat N. Gin and his Weapon of Mass Percussion

Defeat the Doctors N. Tropy

Watch the 100% bonus ending

Watch the 106% bonus ending

Sapphire-er Acquirer
Find the hidden Blue Gem

Like a Rhinestone Bandicoot
Earn half of the Clear Gems

King of Bling
Earn ALL of the Clear Gems

gnilB fo gniK
Earn ALL N. Verted Gems

Emerald Gemerald
Find the hidden Green Gem

Ruby Red
Find the hidden Red Gem

Topaz Pizazz
Find the hidden Yellow Gem

Altitude Sickness
Crouch or slide into a double jump

Silent Protagonist
Meet ‘Akano

Ups & Downs
Meet Ika-Ika

Reality-Shattering Proportions
Meet Lani-Loli

I Can See Through Time
Meet Kupuna-Wa

No It’s MY Turn
Complete a level with Pass N. Play enabled

Ladies First
Complete a level as Coco

Sudden But Inevitable
Betrayed! By your worst enemy.

Model Test Subject
Earn any Flashback Relic

Closing the Experiment Log
Earn ALL of the platinum Flashback Relics

Earn ALL N.Sanely Perfect Relics

So-Called Perfectionist
Earn any N.Sanely Perfect Relic

Faster Than a Tortoise
Earn any Time Trial Relic

Faster Than Sound
Earn ALL of the platinum Time Trial Relics

All Gussied Up
Try on a Skin

Pull off a Triple Spin

Defeat an enemy with Triple Spin

N. Vincible
Beat a story level without dying

A/V Club Founder
Acquire a Flashback Tape

Tree Droppings
Find the source of the Bumpa Berries

Here Kitty Kitty
Scare the cat hiding from a party

Give ‘Em a Broadside!
Aim and fire!

Bad Signs
Do some target practice

Junkyard Jams
Make music in an unlikely place

Grabbed a bushel of Bumpa

Silence the Scientist
Shut N. Brio up

Megaphoning It In
Shut N. Gin up

Hammer it Home
Make some noise!

Channel Surfer
Spend some time surfin’ the waves

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