My Autograph Collection – P


(This Includes: Peter Dinklage, Paul McGann, Peter Capaldi, Peter Davison)


(IP) = In Person (Obtain In-Person), 
(FM) = From Mail (Having Sent Fan Mail)
(PF) = Possible Fake (Gifted to me from someone I know but not from a 100% reliable source ie This person bought it from Ebay)
(PE) = Pre Ordered From The Event Show
(BOG) = Bought Online Genuine. I don’t often buy online unless I know its 100% genuine ie bought from a 100% reliable source
(GG) = Someone gifted it to me but it is genuine as they met these guests in person

  1. Peter Dinklage (IP)

2) Paul McGann (IP)   

3) Peter Capaldi (IP)​

4) Peter Davison (IP)