My Autograph Collection – T


(This Includes: Theodore Long, Tommy Tallarico, Tara Platt, Tom Baker, Troy Baker, Toshihiro Nagoshi, Ted Raimi, Tom Ellis)


(IP) = In Person (Obtain In-Person), 
(FM) = From Mail (Having Sent Fan Mail)
(PF) = Possible Fake (Gifted to me from someone I know but not from a 100% reliable source ie This person bought it from Ebay)
(PE) = Pre Ordered From The Event Show
(BOG) = Bought Online Genuine. I don’t often buy online unless I know its 100% genuine ie bought from a 100% reliable source
(GG) = Someone gifted it to me but it is genuine as they met these guests in person

  1. Theodore Long (GG)

2) Tommy Tallarico (IP)

3) Tara Platt  (IP)

4) Tom Baker (PE)

5) Troy Baker (IP) 

6) Toshihiro Nagoshi (FM)

7) Ted Raimi (PE)

8) Tom Ellis (PE)