Batman – Get The Joker Collectible Figure Now At A 20% Discount. Part Of The DC CosRider Series

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Why so serious?

The Joker collectible figure is now available at a 20% discount, but this offer will not last forever and considering how much of a fan favourite The Joker really is, it is probably safe to assume that they will end up selling rather fast.

The Joker character does not need much of an introduction, being one, if not the most iconic villain in the Batman and DC universe. Always joking around and trying to mess with Batman and the civilians of Gotham City, he truly lives the life of the ultimate crazy clown.

Now fans can get one of the rather stylish The Joker collectible figures. Having been manufactured by the company over at Hot Toys, the detail and quality is easily noticeable. The figure itself is part of the DC CosRider series, which features many of the beloved characters from The Dark Knight and Batman series and places them into childhood iconic and coin-operated amusement rides.

The DC CosRider series manages to feature not only The Joker but it also included other characters too such as The Joker and Harley Quinn (Suicide Squad), Penguin, and at least 2 different variants of the Batman character. Each one comes with a micro USB connector that, when hooked up, will allow the figure to play music and move around just like an actual amusement ride. Also, you can even hook them all up together, if you have managed to get the entire series, by doing this they will then all play together. Though a Micro USB cable is still required.

This The Joker collectible figure is based on The Dark Knight series version, who was played by the sadly now departed actor, Heath Ledger.

  • BRAND: Batman
  • TYPE: Collectible Figure

SIZES: (All sizes are approximate)

  • Height: 5”

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