Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – New Batman Premium Figure Comes With Light-Up Lightning Effect

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Lightning strikes as The Dark Knight returns with this latest Premium figure, that has been sculpted using Polyresin and is said to be at least 31.50” tall.

This new statue figure pits Batman dealing a deadly blow from above on top of a Joker themed gargoyle base. The highlight of this particular figure piece comes in the form of the lightning strike that appears behind the Dark Knight himself.

This lightning strike manages to turn an already fantastic looking Batman piece into something even more spectacular. The detail to which looks amazing, with both white and blue highlights to reflect the illusion of a blinding flash. However, the amazing work on this piece alone does not stop there, as this lightning sculpt is also said to have the ability to light-up too.

As for The Dark Knight, he is said to be based on a character making a return back to crime fighting after taking a break away from the action. He also seems to be bearing scars of a recent fight too, as blood is seen dripping from his mouth.

Throughout the DC Comics there have been many different characters that have worn the Batman mantle, whilst Bruce has been away. Characters including Damian Wayne (Robin), Jason Todd (Red Hood), and even the butler, Alfred Pennyworth. So Batman taking a break and giving up his mantle is nothing new.

This was also reflected in the recent Batman: Fear State Omega comic, which has been written by James Tynion IV and is based on the story of Bruce Wayne leaving Gotham City behind. Thus, potentially giving someone else the chance to once again ‘don the cape’.

Anyway this fantastic looking Batman Premium Figure is currently on pre-order with a scheduled release of June – August 2022.

  • ESTIMATE RELEASE DATE: June – August 2022
  • BRAND: Batman
  • MANUFACTURER: Sideshow Collectibles
  • TYPE: Premium Format Figure

SIZES: (All sizes are approximate)

  • HEIGHT: 31.50”
  • WIDTH: 22”
  • DEPTH: 21.50”

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