Berserk – This New Guts (Armor Statue) Is Now Available To Pre-Order

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The latest Berserker Guts (Armor) statue collectible is now available to pre-order. It comes as both a Deluxe (Rage Edition) and a Collector’s Edition.

The Deluxe (Rage Edition) comes complete with a total of 3 swappable head portraits and a swappable Astral Projection Schierke.

Whilst the Collector’s Edition only features 2 swappable heads and does not come with the Astral Projection Schierke.

Both the Deluxe (Rage Edition) and Collector’s Edition features the character Guts standing on top of a Berserker themed base with his signature weapon, The Dragon Slayer.

Originating in 1992, Berserker is based on a manga series written by Japanese manga artist, Kentaro Miura. Its success then formed an anime series that originally released back in 1997 and then another adaptation aired in 2016. It mainly features dark fantasy and the main protagonist Guts.

Guts is known to be a lone warrior that often wields his famous sword, The Dragon Slayer. He was adopted by the mercenary leader, Gambino, who also trained Guts how to fight.

This new collectible Guts statue has been manufactured by the team over at Prime 1 Studio and is expected to release around June – November 2022

  • ESTIMATE RELEASE DATE: June – November 2022
  • BRAND: Berserk
  • MANUFACTURER: Prime 1 Studio
  • TYPE: Statue

SIZES (All sizes are approximate)

  • HEIGHT: 29.41” (With Astral Projection Schierke). 26.57” (Without Astral Projection Schierke)
  • WIDTH: 27.05”
  • DEPTH: 25.35”

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