Darkstalkers – The Succubus ‘Morrigan’ Statue Comes With Stage Themed Base

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Morrigan is one of the most popular characters within the Darkstalkers fighting game series. She is known to be part of the succubus race with batlike transmorphic wings.

These transmorphic wings are her main weapon when in combat. As they are transmorphic, this allows Morrigan to transform them into whatever she finds to fit the current occasion. This includes turning them into spikes, blades, and even drills.

In this latest statue piece, Morrigan has been designed with these transmorphic wings, which is said to have been professionally painted using clear material. She also comes in her more iconic outfit, which features pink leggings that have bat like symbols etched to them and black boots. This outfit can be seen in quite a few of the Darksiders titles, including Darkstalkers 3 and Darkstalkers Resurrection.

The base that Morrigan has been designed on is also said to have been based on her actual ‘Scotland’ stage, as seen in the Darkstalkers game series. Her ‘Scotland’ stage mainly features a rocky purple terrain. Which has also been reflected in this latest piece.

Morrigan was born in 1678 in the region of Scotland. Her full name is actually Morrigan Aensland. Her first appearance in the Darkstalkers series came back in 1994 with Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors. She has since then appeared in countless other titles and spinoffs, including; Darkstalkers 3, Marvel Vs Capcom, SNK Vs Capcom, and her most recent appearance came in both the Darkstalkers Resurrection and the Capcom Fighting Collection.

This Morrigan statue is said to be a 1:7 scale and has been designed by the team over at Kotobukiya. It is available now.

BRAND: Darkstalkers
TYPE: 1:7 Scale Statue

SIZES (All sizes are approximate)

HEIGHT: 8.98”

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