DC Comics – Latest Superman Collectible Comes Limited. Features Additional Portraits

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This latest Superman maquette collectible comes as a limited piece and features both a collectors edition and an exclusive edition.

The Man of Steel is featured posed on top of his icy cold Kryptonian hideout. He is also seen wearing his original iconic outfit, rather than his more modern look.

The exclusive edition piece comes exclusively to the Sideshow Collectibles company, and this specific version is said to include several different character portraits. Which include heat-vision eyes and both long and short hair portrait options.

Though, it needs to be said that this exclusive edition is high in demand and has managed to meet its waitlist limit. Having said that though, if you are still interested in this particular version then there might be a chance someone could cancel their order, which will allow for opportunities for those who might of missed out earlier.

The collectors edition is still said to be available in good quantity (for now at least), unlike its exclusive edition version. Though, it does not include the above mentioned additional portraits.

The exclusive edition is said to be limited to 500 pieces worldwide, whilst the collectors edition is limited to 2500 pieces.

Superman was first created back in 1938 when he made his debut into the Action Comics series. Which was written and created by both Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Since then the character has appeared in many different forms of media, including a range of different television renditions, alongside a vast range of movies too. His popularity makes him one of the biggest names in the DC universe.

This upcoming Superman piece has been manufactured by the team over at Tweeterhead and is estimated to release around February – March 2022

  • ESTIMATE RELEASE DATE: February – March 2022
  • BRAND: Superman
  • MANUFACTURER: Tweeterhead
  • TYPE: Maquette

SIZES: (All sizes are approximate)

  • Height: 20.5”
  • WIDTH: 13.5”
  • DEPTH: 10.5”

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