DC Comics – The Black Canary Flies In. Comes Limited To 2500.

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The Black Canary comes flying in as part of the DC comic collectibles. She is featured standing on a stone themed base, ready for men to swoop her off her feet. Oh and she is also limited to 2500 pieces worldwide.

Black Canary is a female superhero that has become an expert in martial arts, as well as the Canary Cry which is an ability that unleashes a sonic scream powerful enough to tear through metal and stone.

In the DC comics, there has been a total of two different characters to land the role of the Black Canary, Dinah Drake and her younger daughter, Dinah Laurel Lance.

This latest collectible features a more modern look of the heroine, complete with her black and blue moto jacket. Alongside, her fishnet leggings which is said to be made out of real fabric.

Many reviewers have been rather impressed with this latest piece, giving praise to its overall detail. Which has been hand painted and sculpted using fabric and polystone.

The Black Canary first made her appearance during the Flash Comics back in 1947. She has since appeared in various other media too including the 2001 tv series, Smallville, Young Justice, The Lego Batman movie, and even video games such as Injustice 2.

This latest statue has been manufactured by the team over at Sideshow Collectibles and is available now.

  • BRAND: DC Comics
  • MANUFACTURER: Sideshow Collectibles
  • TYPE: 

SIZES: (All sizes are approximate)

  • Height: 21.5”
  • WIDTH: 6”
  • DEPTH: 9”

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