DC Comics – The Scarecrow Inflicts Fear With This Latest Collectible

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The terrifying Scarecrow collectible statue has arrived and it brings fear to those who dare challenge him.

With this latest collectible the Scarecrow can be seen standing menacingly within the Gotham City graveyard, which, of course, represents the base. Within this graveyard, you can also see the purple toxic gas, otherwise known as the Fear Toxin, which is what Scarecrow uses in order to torment his victims and unleash their terrible phobias. Alongside the terrible Fear Toxin you can also see the poor helpless and trapped Jason Todd.

Dr. Johnathan Crane, otherwise known as The Scarecrow, first made his debut appearance in The World’s Finest Comics back in 1941. He is known for being an expert at psychology and studying the phobias of others. It is through this that he inevitably decides to use a variety of drugs in order to concoct his deadly Fear Toxin.

Jason Todd, on the other hand, managed to become the second character to land the role of the sidekick, Robin. Before then ultimately becoming Red Hood. His connection to The Scarecrow included teaming up together, as seen in season 3 of the 2018 Tv series, Titans.

This specific piece featuring both The Scarecrow and Jason Todd has been manufactured by the team over at Sideshow Collectibles. It comes limited to 1000 pieces worldwide.

  • BRAND: Batman
  • MANUFACTURER: Sideshow Collectibles
  • TYPE: 

SIZES: (All sizes are approximate)

  • Height: 21.5”
  • WIDTH: 18”
  • DEPTH: 11”

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