DC Comics – The Wonder Woman 1984 Statue Collectible Has Arrived.

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This latest Wonder Woman statue has been sculpted based on her appearance in the 2020 film, Wonder Woman 1984.

The statue features the goddess standing posed with the Lasso of Truth firmly in her hand, with her hair weaving around behind her.

The base that she comes on has been sculpted to reflect one of the shopping malls that is featured within the Wonder Woman 1984 film.

Wonder Woman is one of the most well known characters within the DC world. She also became something of a heartthrob for those teenaged boys out there too, when she first made her appearance to the world back in 1941.

She is a strong willed character with superhuman strength and the ability to fly. She is often found with her trusty Lasso of Truth, which represents sacred trust amongst the Amazons.

This specific statue piece has been sculpted based on the 2020 film, Wonder Woman 1984, which was directed by Patty Jenkins. The movie itself was successful enough to be nominated several awards, some of which the film even managed to win.

The Wonder Woman 1984 statue piece has been manufactured by the team over at Kotobukiya and is available to purchase now.

  • BRAND: DC Comics
  • MANUFACTURER: Kotobukiya
  • TYPE: Statue

SIZES: (All sizes are approximate)

  • HEIGHT: 9.84”
  • WIDTH: 
  • DEPTH: 

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