DC Comics – This 1:10 Scale Catwoman Statue Is Based On The Version From Batman Returns. Available Now.

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This 1:10 scale statue of Catwoman comes as a limited edition piece with the femme fatale style character standing posing with her famous whip.

Making her debut appearance back in 1940 with the Batman comic book series, Catwoman, otherwise known as Selina Kyle, is known to be a thief that often prefers to steal jewels from Gotham City. She is known to be dressed as a cat in black leather that pounces around with her whip, she enjoys causing trouble for nearby city folk and, of course, The Dark Knight himself.

This particular statue is based on Catwoman from the 1992 film, Batman Returns, that was directed by Tim Burton. Where it had actress Michelle Pfeiffer playing the role as Catwoman, thus this statue was sculpted with the actresses’ likeness. The statue also has Catwoman standing next to a pillar, with an adorable black cat cleaning itself next to her. Overall this particular statue manages to capture the character rather well showing that she really is one with cats.

The 1:10 scale Catwoman statue has been manufactured by the team over at Iron Studios and is available now.

  • BRAND: Batman
  • MANUFACTURER: Iron Studios
  • TYPE: 1:10 Scale Statue

SIZES: (All sizes are approximate)

  • Height: 7.8”
  • WIDTH: 4.7”
  • DEPTH: 3.3”

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