(D&D) Dungeons & Dragons – This 400 Limited Edition Piece Captivates The Chaotic Evil Tiamat

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From the world of (D&D) Dungeons & Dragons comes the chaotic evil, Tiamat. This legendary 5-headed beast comes at a height of 28” and a depth of 37.5”. It has been professionally sculpted and manufactured by the team over at PCS (Premium Collectibles Studio)

Within Dungeons & Dragons, Tiamat is known for its chaotic evil alignment and it has been given stats including; Intimidation +17, Dust Resistance +10, and Attention-Getting +26.

As the Tiamat is also known for its multiple heads, it is well capable of being a formidable foe. These heads are all capable of dealing a massive amount of damage, that even include various status effects. These various status effects include; acid breath, poison breath, fire breath, lightning breath, and cold breath. Do you dare to cross paths with one such as the Tiamat?

Tiamat is the goddess of Chromatic Dragons. Within the Dragonlance reality she also goes by the name of Takhisis. She made her first appearance in the 1975 edition of Greyhawk.

In this latest piece she can be seen having been sculptured on a rock designed base, with her massive wings spread out to truly showcase the sheer size of her incredibly detailed design. Her heads have also been colour coded to represent their terrifying abilities.

This specific statue is said to be available as a Limited Edition piece with only 400 having been made available. Pre-Orders are open now and a release date is expected to be around April-June 2023.

BRAND: Dungeons & Dragons
TYPE: Statue

SIZES (All sizes are approximate)

WIDTH: 31”
DEPTH: 37.5”

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