Evangelion : The Unit-00 Pilot ‘Rei Ayanami’ Collectible Figure Gets Ready To Land This October.

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Known as the First Child, Rei Ayanami, is set to land with this latest Evangelion collectible figure, which has been professionally hand painted and sculpted by the team over at MegaHouse.

This collectible figure features Rei Ayanami positioned sitting on a log, possibly contemplating life. Wondering where her next adventures may take her. She also comes on a wooden style base, which goes nicely with the log she is sat on.

Rei’s adventures within Evangelion begin as quite a mystery, often having quite a stoic personality and coming off rather differently to those around her. Her origins and backstory, for the most part also remained rather classified. However, as her story continues Rei is seen as a strong willed individual and she is even able to pilot the Evangelion Unit-00, the very first functional Evangelion unit.

Evangelion originated as an anime series titled as Neon Genesis Evangelion, it was directed by Hideaki Anno and released in 1995. Its popularity then resulted in various movie and film releases such as Death & Rebirth, The End of Evangelion, and the latest being Thrice Upon A Time, which was released back in March, 2021.

This latest collectible figure of Rei Ayanami is set to release around October – December 2022.

  • ESTIMATE RELEASE DATE: October – December 2022
  • BRAND: Evangelion
  • TYPE: Collectible Figure

SIZES: (All sizes are approximate)

  • HEIGHT: 8.85”
  • WIDTH: 
  • DEPTH: 

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