(FF14) Final Fantasy XIV – Cook In Style. Live The Eorzean Life With This Ultimate Cookbook

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Ever wanted to live like a resident of Eorzea? Perhaps you have always been tempted to try out the delicious food found within places such as La Noscea and The Black Shroud? Maybe you just like the thought of trying out something different for a change. Dodo Omelette anyone? Well now you can do all of this thanks to the latest (FF14) Final Fantasy XIV Ultimate Cookbook.

This Ultimate Cookbook manages to feature over 192 unique and stylish pages and recipes that have all been inspired and based on the delicious cuisine and foods that are only found within Final Fantasy XIV and the world of Hydaelyn.

This must have cookbook is also said to have been written by the Final Fantasy XIV Producer and Director, Naoki Yoshida. Which no doubt gives that all important authentic feeling and makes this particular item a must have addition to any fans collection.

Each page manages to give a highly detailed description on how to create these stunning recipes. From the difficulty of the recipe, preparation time, dietary notes, and even where the cuisine originated from. There are even recipes for all times of the day including breakfast and even appetizers, for both food and drink.

The Final Fantasy XIV Ultimate Cookbook is available now and comes with a hard cover and plenty of essential recipes to perfect your cooking ability and get you prepared for that all important adventuring through Hydaelyn and Eorzea.

BRAND: Final Fantasy XIV
TYPE: Cookbook. Hard Cover

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