(HFW) Horizon Forbidden West – Get Into The Mood With This Latest Zero Dawn Aloy Collectible

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With the highly anticipated sequel to the 2017 award-winning title just around the corner. Why not get into the mood with this latest Aloy ‘Shield Weaver’ collectible statue piece.

This Aloy ‘Shield Weaver’ piece is said to come as both a Collectors and Exclusive Edition. It features the female machine hunter posed on top of a uniquely designed themed base, that resembles a snowy mountain top.

This specific piece is designed on Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn and sees our young protagonist wielding the Carja War Bow, which is a bow that can be acquired within the game and is mainly known for using both Freeze and Shock Arrows. Which can be said, goes nicely with the snowy base she comes with.

She has also been sculpted in her ‘Shield Weaver’ outfit, which in Horizon Zero Dawn, is considered to be very rare and powerful. It was also formerly known as the UltraWeave Mk7.1 It is only obtainable through completing the ‘Ancient Armory’ side quest.

Aloy first appeared in the 2017 award-winning action role-playing RPG title, Horizon Zero Dawn. Which was developed by the team at Guerrilla Games. In Horizon Zero Dawn, Aloy begins life as an outcast.

A sequel to the 2017 title is now set to release later this week, February 19th with Horizon Forbidden West. This sequel is said to continue the story of Aloy.

The exclusive edition from Sideshow Collectibles is said to come with a Carja Sharpshot Bow, which makes up one of the many variants to the Carja Bow.

This Aloy ‘Shield Weaver’ collectible has been manufactured by the team over at Prime 1 Studio, and is estimated to release around March – May 2022.

  • ESTIMATE RELEASE DATE: March – May 2022
  • BRAND: Horizon Zero Dawn
  • MANUFACTURER: Prime 1 Studio
  • TYPE: Statue

SIZES (All sizes are approximate)

  • HEIGHT: 27.4”
  • WIDTH: 15.47”
  • DEPTH: 15.04”

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