League Of Legends – The Unliving Wraith ‘Viego’ Gets A New 1:6 Scale Collectible Statue

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Viego, also known as The Ruined King, gets a new 1:6 scale collectible statue. It has been designed and sculpted to reflect Viego walking through the Black Mist, that now engulfs and pours out his poor cruel and broken heart. He is also seen wielding his iconic Blade of the Ruined King. Which is one of the legendary weapons within League of Legends.

This latest statue piece also manages to capture the deep pain and sorrow that troubles this fallen warrior. As he continues his struggle, forever longing for his centuries-dead queen.

He has also been sculpted with a League of Legends themed base, complete with the game logo engraved to truly capture the champion and his origins.

As many already know, Viego has a tragic background in League of Legends. His story mainly pits Viego as an old ruler of a now long-lost kingdom. Who then perished over a thousand years ago, in an attempt to bring his wife back from the dead. He now walks the realms as an undead wraith. Still longing to find a way to bring back his wife.

Viego is one of the many champions within League of Legends, originating from Camavor and the capital of Alovedra. He is a master of wielding his exclusive Blade of the King. He is also known as an expert at mind control and Ruination magic.

This latest Viego piece is said to be a 1:6 scale statue collectible and has been sculpted by the team over at Infinity Studio. It has been professionally painted and created using a combination of clear parts and polystone.

Is Viego your chosen champion? Make sure you do not miss out on him when he releases early 2023.

ESTIMATE RELEASE DATE: April 2023 – June 2023
BRAND: League of Legends
MANUFACTURER: Infinity Studio
TYPE: 1:6 Scale Statue

SIZES (All sizes are approximate)

HEIGHT: 13.8”
WIDTH: 7.8”
DEPTH: 12.6”

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