Marvel – New Thor ‘God Of Thunder’ Limited Edition Statue Is Set To Arrive Q4 2022

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”Now you know the power of mighty Mjolnir!”

This new and upcoming Marvel Thor Premium Figure is set to electrify fan collections by the end of 2022.

Said to be a limited edition piece, it features the ‘God of Thunder’ posed holding his iconic Mjolnir hammer, as he gets ready to take down any posing foes.

He also comes on a base that has been sculpted to represent a fallen Frost Giant, that was clearly no match for the great Asgardian.

The Frost Giants, otherwise known as Jotunn are humanoid beings that tend to live in the frozen lands of Jotunheim. They made their original appearance back in the 2011 movie, Thor.

Thor has been sculpted in his typical classic costume that was first debuted back in 1962. It features Thor’s winged silver helmet, black shirt, blue, pants, and a red cloak that has been made from fabric especially for this specific piece.

The electrifying Asgardian hero first made his character debut back in 1962 with the Journey into Mystery comic series. Which also managed to feature the invasion of the Stone-Men.

Since then Thor has grown in popularity and has managed to become one of the much loved Marvel characters.

This Thor Premium Figure stands at around 22” tall and is available to pre-order now.

ESTIMATE RELEASE DATE: October – December 2022
BRAND: Marvel
MANUFACTURER: Sideshow Collectibles
TYPE: Premium Format Figure

SIZES (All sizes are approximate)

WIDTH: 19”
DEPTH: 19”

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