Marvel – Spiderman Faces Off Against Venom In This Exclusive Edition Statue

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The web-slinging Spiderman goes head-to-head against his ultimate foe Venom in this next entry into the Marvel collectible line-up. Both of which can be seen facing off against each other whilst standing on top of a wrecked church bell tower.

The statue comes as both a Collectors Edition as well as a Sideshow Exclusive Edition. With the latter version being packaged with an extra Venom portrait.

Having been created by the elder god Knull and cast into exile, Venom is considered to be an alien parasite with the ability to bond with other creatures, including people such as former reporter, Eddie Brock. Its abilities consist of shapeshifting, being undetectable by Spider-Man’s ”Spider-sense”, and it can also absorb the powers of those that may come into contact with this evil, yet powerful being.

Venom made its first appearance in a cameo in chapter 252 and 299 of The Amazing Spider-Man comic series, before making its full appearance in chapter 300. It has since been in countless other media too such as the 2018 Venom movie that was directed by Ruben Fleischer, and is set to feature in the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 video game by Insomniac.

As for Spider-Man, though he is quite clearly much smaller and more human when compared to the likes of Venom, he is certainly one that should not be underestimated. Having already defeated Juggernaut, Carnage, and even the Fantastic Four. Who may all seem rather powerful, yet they were clearly no match for the spider.

Fans can now own a piece of these fantastic icons fighting it out in this latest statue, which has been manufactured by Sideshow Collectibles. As things stand the Collectors Edition is currently on a waiting list and there is no official word if more stock will arrive. However, the Exclusive Edition is still in stock, though for how long who knows..

  • BRAND: Marvel
  • MANUFACTURER: Sideshow Collectibles
  • TYPE: Maquette

SIZES (All sizes are approximate)

  • HEIGHT: 22”
  • WIDTH: 17”
  • DEPTH: 12”

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