Marvel – This Scarlet Witch Premium Collectible Comes Limited To 3000 Pieces Worldwide.

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Wanda Maximoff has arrived with this latest Premium collectible piece that is said to be limited to 3000 pieces worldwide. She comes complete with a base that shows off her magic and manipulation abilities, plus a red cape made from actual fabric.

In this latest statue piece Scarlet Witch can be seen posed ready to cast her chaos magic, which is one of her more devastating attacks that was given to her by the demon Chthon.

She also comes dressed in her classic costume which features a red bodysuit, boots, gloves, headpiece, and even a red cape. This cape is said to have been made using fabric and still remains posable thanks to the posable wire used in the hem. Her classic costume was first introduced in the Avengers 1970 comic.

Wanda Maximoff, also known as Scarlet Witch, is said to be one of the most powerful mutants within the Marvel universe. Being able to destroy much loved characters including Magneto, Hawkeye, Ultron, and even Thanos.

Scarlet Witch has featured in many different movies and media, including Avengers Endgame and WandaVision. With her most recent appearance said to be taking place in the upcoming Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness film, which is scheduled to release around May 6th, 2022.

This latest Scarlet Witch Premium piece has been manufactured by the team over at Sideshow Collectibles. It is available now!

  • BRAND: Marvel
  • MANUFACTURER: Sideshow Collectibles
  • TYPE: Premium Figure

SIZES (All sizes are approximate)

  • HEIGHT: 29”
  • WIDTH: 9”
  • DEPTH: 8”

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