Mega Man – The Freedom Fighter Zero Gets A New Pricey Deluxe DX Statue

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The pricey MEGA MAN Zero DX statue comes highly detailed, fully sculpted, and it comes with a capsule inspired base.

Zero needs no introduction having become one of the most popular characters within the MEGA MAN universe. After having served as the deuteragonist within the actual MEGA MAN X series. Zero finally managed to get a series of his own with MEGA MAN Zero.

He is classed as Doctor Albert W. Wily’s greatest creation. Becoming a high-ranking Maverick Hunter and then later a freedom fighter and a member of the Resistance team.

This particular statue is a joint effort by the teams over at Sideshow and Premium Collectibles Studio, in order to create this stunning piece that manages to do a magnificent job at showcasing Zero’s unique build as he undergoes his final diagnostics in this high-tech chamber.

The statue is said to feature red base lights in order to highlight Zero’s unarmored grey limbs and his iconic red and yellow armor. Zero can also be seen with this rather long and dashing blonde hair.

The Zero DX has also been supplied with additional face portraits, one with a determined look or the option of having Zero’s eyes closed to reflect his current capsule stasis.

Zero is considered to be a cold and emotionless warrior, who behind his rather tough exterior hides a wounded soul.

The MEGA MAN Zero DX Deluxe statue comes limited to 300 pieces worldwide. You can order yours now in preparation for the estimated April – June 2023 release date.

ESTIMATE RELEASE DATE: April 2023 – June 2023
BRAND: Mega Man
TYPE: Statue

SIZES (All sizes are approximate)

WIDTH: 18”
DEPTH: 21”

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