(MH) Monster Hunter – Things Are Heating Up With This New Rathalos: The Fiery Bundle Diorama Statue

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Things are heating up with this new Monster Hunter Rathalos: The Fiery Bundle diorama statue by Kinetiquettes. This new statue features Rathalos trying to fend of several hunters who can all be seen wearing the Rathalos armor set, and equipped with the iconic hunter weapons such as the Great Sword and Long Sword. This statue also manages to feature the adorable, and lets be honest the highlight of the series, the Palico.

The Monster Hunter series first released in 2004 by the developers over at Capcom. It featured players being able to select a hunter of their choosing, and go on quests to eliminate the local monster inhabitants in order to protect the village and perform research.

The series has since become a huge success that has managed to release several sequels, with the latest being Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin. In 2020 the series also got its first feature film which was directed by Paul W. S. Anderson and featured actress Milla Jovovich.

The Rathalos is one of the many monsters that inhabit the Monster Hunter universe. As a member of the Flying Wyvern monster specie, they can take to the skies and rule the lands from above. They are also one of the very few to appear throughout the series, this includes the many Monster Hunter spin-off titles. Making them a fan favourite and icon to the series.

Often being mistaken by the other wyvern counterpart, the Rathian. Who look and act very similar, however the big difference being between the two is that the Rathalos are generally all male and often tend to have a red hide. Whilst the Rathian tend to be female and instead of being red in colour, they have a more dull and green hide instead.

The Rathalos mainly uses fire attacks to its advantage, which has been noted by this lovely new diorama piece. As well as using fire, they can also inflict poison and use their rather long tail which features a sharp spiked club at the end.

Now fans can own a well detailed and beautifully sculptured Rathalos statue, which manages to showcase its enormous size and fire ability. This new piece is currently available to pre-order and is set to release early this year.

  • ESTIMATE RELEASE DATE: January – March 2022
  • BRAND: Monster Hunter
  • MANUFACTURER: Kinetiquettes
  • TYPE: Diorama

SIZES (All sizes are approximate)

  • HEIGHT: 20.47”
  • WIDTH: 36.61”
  • DEPTH: 31.10”

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