Naruto Shippuden – This New Gaara Of The Sand Statue Comes Limited. Only 750 Available. Pre-Order Now!

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The sand master and manipulator, Gaara, gets a brand new limited edition statue. This new statue piece is said to be limited to only 750 available worldwide and it looks amazing!

Gaara is one of the most popular characters within the Naruto anime world. Having made his first appearance during chapter 35 of the hit Japanese manga and episode 20 of the anime tv show. He is a shinobi of the Sunagakure (Village Hidden by Sand).

His main unique trait is sand manipulation, which he can use as both a weapon and a shield to help protect himself. He is often seen walking around with a gourd, which is both created by sand and contains his own supply of sand. Which is always beneficial if things suddenly turn sour.

This new limited statue piece manages to show off Gaara and his sand manipulation ability. It has been inspired by the battle scene between both Gaara and Deidara that takes place during episode 4 of the Naruto Shippuden anime or chapter 248 of the Naruto Japanese manga.

Gaara, as the Fifth Kazekage, also comes designed in his respectful crimson red robe and black pants. He stands menacingly as he manipulates the sand and summons forth Shukaku, one of the nine tailed beasts that has been sealed within Gaara.

This latest piece has been manufactured by the team over at HEX Collectibles and is expected to release around October – December 2023.

ESTIMATE RELEASE DATE: October – December 2023
BRAND: Naruto Shippuden
TYPE: Statue

SIZES: (All sizes are approximate)

HEIGHT: 24.4”
WIDTH: 23.7”
DEPTH: 22.1”

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