Pokemon – The Poke Ball Replica Is Now Available. Comes In An Illuminated Box

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This Poke Ball replica is a must have for all Pokemon fans, it comes complete with the iconic red, black, and white coloured Poke Ball. Plus it is all set inside a beautifully stunning case with illuminating technology.

Pokemon is one, if not the, most popular Japanese anime show that first aired back in 1998. It often showed the main character using the Poke Ball in order to capture various Pokemon in order to train and raise them. Now fans can own one of their own Poke Balls.

The product comes with incredible build quality, that is quite big and heavy. The box itself is has the ability to illuminate, though it does require batteries in order to actually work. It also includes a proximity sensor, meaning it glows when you get near it.

  • BRAND: Pokemon
  • Manufacturer: The Wand Company
  • TYPE: Replica

SIZES: (All sizes are approximate)

  • HEIGHT: 3”
  • WIDTH: 4.75”
  • DEPTH: 9.00”

(Note: The Poke Ball requires 3 x AAA, 2 x AA batteries in order to run the illuminated feature)

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