(RE2) Resident Evil 2 – STARS Rookie Leon Kennedy Is Now Available To Purchase

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The STARS Police rookie, Leon Kennedy, is now available to purchase. He comes straight from the horrors of Resident Evil 2 with his trusty shotgun, flashlight, and over 30 points of articulations.

Leon Kennedy is one of the available playable characters in the iconic survival horror title, Resident Evil 2. Which was originally released back in 1998 by the developers Capcom. The game then saw a remake release in 2019. Leon appears in both games as a rookie member of the STARS police force. In fact it was his first day as a detective when the outbreak occurred and the horrors were unleashed. Talk about a bad day at the office.

This Leon Kennedy figure has been manufactured by Damtoys and comes as a sixth scale figure. He also comes with various different accessories, as mentioned above. Plus he stands in his iconic RPD uniform, which he wears in both the original and remake of Resident Evil 2.

Some of the more specific weapons and accessories that Leon comes with includes the Matilda pistol, M19 handgun, W-870 shotgun, Flash grenade, First aid spray, Radio, and because you won’t be able to survive the horrors of Raccoon City without them, Leon also comes complete with handgun ammo and shotgun shells.

  • BRAND: Resident Evil 2
  • TYPE: Sixth Scale Figure

SIZES: (All sizes are approximate)

  • HEIGHT: 11.81”

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