(RE3) Resident Evil 3 – Time Is Running Out To Pre-Order This Latest Jill Valentine Statue

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This upcoming (RE3) Resident Evil 3 quarter scale statue from PureArts manages to showcase the main protagonist from the game, Jill Valentine. As she tries to fend off a bunch of flesh eating zombies.

Resident Evil 3 was first released back in 1999 for the Playstation, PC, Dreamcast, and Nintendo Gamecube. Before then being remade in 2020. It featured the main protagonist Jill Valentine in her efforts to try and survive hordes of flesh eating zombies and other forms of mutated creatures. As a member of the STARS police unit, Jill Valentine is used to having to face danger, though I’m not sure she was quite expecting the horrors that await her in her home of Raccoon City.

The detail on the statue does a great job of showing the blood on both the dead and Jill Valentine herself, on top of that you even have the yellow warning tape, which just adds more to the overall danger that Jill currently finds herself in.

This statue is high in demand and there is limited stock remaining, so if you would like a piece of this rather stylish and dynamic statue you better be quick!. From a personal perspective, if money was not an issue I would be jumping on this one. It looks amazing!

Fans can expect the statue to release around October – December 2022

  • ESTIMATE RELEASE DATE: October – December 2022
  • BRAND: Resident Evil 3
  • TYPE: Quarter Scale Statue

SIZES (All sizes are approximate)

  • HEIGHT: 17.5”
  • WIDTH: 11.02”
  • DEPTH: 21.65”

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