Street Fighter – Evil Ryu Is Now Available With 30% Discount. Free US Shipping

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Street Fighters iconic and fan favourite fighter Ryu is now available at a 30% discount, including FREE United States shipping.

The Ryu statue collectible is said to come as a 1:3 scale statue piece and has been manufactured by the team over at PCS.

The statue comes as a Limited Edition piece and is limited to 350. It was originally available for £826.54, now you can get it for £552.55. That is roughly $627.

This stunning piece manages to capture the evil Ryu complete with red eyes, which gives him a demonic look. These red eyes are said to have been created and sculptured using LED lights.

Ryu’s costume, which is a more darker coloured version of his usual default outfit, can be seen tattered around his waist. All of which also help contribute to the more darker and sinister look of his character. Furthermore his costume also comes designed and crafted using high quality tailored fabric.

The story of the evil Ryu, alternatively known as Dark Ryu, occurs whenever he succumbs to the Satsui no Hado. Which is one of the more powerful moves within the Street Fighter series. It is a dark energy based force that is mostly used by the character Akuma. It is also sometimes translated as Dark Hado.

Evil Ryu made an appearance in Street Fighter IV where he was regarded as a much more menacing and powerful individual. Complete with a torn headband and his hair was also considered to be much more spikey, compared to his generic and default appearance which most fans are used to.

Dark Ryu has also been sculpted on a base that takes the appearance of a rocky platform. Which is great for those seeking a much easier way to display their latest statue piece.

This classic statue piece is now available.

BRAND: Street Fighter
TYPE: 1:3 Scale Statue

SIZES: (All sizes are approximate)

WIDTH: 15.5”
DEPTH: 12.42”

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