Street Fighter – The Oni Akuma Mad Demon Is Now AT A 19% Discount. Limited Edition.

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The Street Fighter Oni Akuma Mad Demon is now available at a 19% discount, complete with free shipping to the United States.

This Oni Akuma Mad Demon collectible statue piece was originally priced at £321.68 or $423.80, meaning you will now end up saving an incredible £62.76, that is equivalent to $82.70.

This statue is said to be a limited edition piece that is numbered to 300 pieces worldwide. It features the mad demon, Akuma, posed on a black base wearing black pants and he has been given a much more purple, darker, coloured skin texture to reflect his Oni mad demon personality.

Alongside his much darker looking skin colour, this specific piece also includes the addition of LED light effects in both the eyes and hair. Adding even more depth to his now demonic state.

As an Oni demon, Akuma, has now officially thrown away any humanity he had left, in order to become much more powerful and aggressive. He is now at his truest form, become even more deadlier than his previous Shin Akuma state.

Akuma first transformed into the Omi mad demon back in 2010 with Super Street Fighter IV, which was developed by the teams over at Dimps and Capcom.

This specific statue piece has been manufactured by the team over at PCS (Premium Collectibles Studio). It is currently available at the discount price of $341, with free American shipping. However, this offer is limited and will not last forever. So make sure you do not miss out!

  • BRAND: Street Fighter
  • TYPE: 1:4 Scale Statue

SIZES (All sizes are approximate)

  • HEIGHT: 17.5”
  • WIDTH: 12.21”
  • DEPTH: 5”

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