Tales Of Arise – This Alphen Collectible Comes Posed With The Stylish Blazing Sword

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The upcoming Tales of Arise statue collectible features the game’s main protagonist, Alphen. Originally known as the Iron Mask, Alphen is fuelled with rage for his Renan superiors and respects his fellow Dahnans.

This latest statue piece has Alphen posed with his mighty Blazing Sword, which has the ability to burn the hand of the wielder. It carries the physical manifestation of astral energy that is contained within Shionne. Who makes an important role within the Tales of Arise video game as a deuteragonist.

The statue has been designed to show off the immense power of this Blazing Sword. It is said to have been created using clear parts to truly give the feeling of immense heat coming from it. As an added feature, the heat from the Blazing Sword is also shown in Alphen’s hand that wields the blade.

Alphen has also been designed with a simple base that allows fans to easily display their collectible piece however and wherever they wish. It also reflects the vast world and terrain of both the worlds of Dahna and Rena. Which the game is set in.

The overall statue piece has also been designed using high quality PVC and Iron. It also features Alphen wearing part of his Iron Mask. Which plays a significant role within Tales of Arise. It is a name given to him by Doc, the person that managed to help Alphen during the start of the game. It is a name which was given to him to signify that Alphen had a real name at some point in his life. During the battle against Balseph, the Iron Mask ended up being shattered in half. This is seen in this latest statue collectible.

The Alphen statue is said to come as a 1:8 scale piece and has been designed and manufactured by the team over at Kotobukiya

ESTIMATE RELEASE DATE: February – April 2023
BRAND: Tales of Arise
TYPE: Statue

SIZES (All sizes are approximate)

HEIGHT: 8.66”

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