X-Men: The X-Men Face Off Against Sentinel In This Limited Edition Collectors Statue

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The X-Men team take on the might of the Sentinel in this huge diorama statue piece, that has been manufactured by the team over at Iron Studios.

Being at a height of 25.9” and weighing at 55lbs, this mammoth of a sculpture features several of the iconic characters from the world of both Marvel and X-Men, including; Magneto, Gambit, Juggernaut, and of course Sentinel.

The statue itself comes featured on a base that seems to resemble that of a damaged building. Which, going by the fact that the Sentinel is missing its legs and how it is placed, we can assume who the culprit is.

Magneto can be seen hovering above the Sentinel, standing rather menacingly and enjoying the carnage. He has been sculpted in his more classical look, with the red helmet (Dark Phoenix), red body suit, and purple pants.

Whilst the Sentinel has been sculpted to reflect its huge size, in fact this is where the bulk of the height and weight of the statue comes from. The Sentinel also seems to of taken the most damage during this conflict, with various missing limbs. Still despite its damage, the Sentinel still looks terrifying and ready to cause even more chaos and carnage.

Meanwhile both Gambit and Juggernaut can be seen in combat within the foreground of the scene. Both dressed in their iconic costumes.

The X-Men are accustomed to fighting and taking on the Sentinel, in fact their first encounter came in the 1965 comic series, Uncanny X-Men. With the most recent being in the 2014 movie, X-Men: Days Of Future Past.

This latest X-Men Vs Sentinel piece is said to be a deluxe limited edition and is available now.

  • BRAND: X-Men
  • MANUFACTURER: Iron Studios
  • TYPE: 1:10 Scale Statue. Diorama

SIZES (All sizes are approximate)

  • HEIGHT: 25.9”
  • WIDTH: 24”
  • DEPTH: 23.2”

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