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Well I am new to both coding, HTML and WordPress but here we are. This will be my second real entry (first if you do not include the earlier entry which was more of an introduction than anything else)

Anyway I just recently moved from another website which I had for over 10 years (though technically speaking, I only used it for less than a year before it went)

I as I have said before I am very much new to coding and HTML, with the bare minimal experience (literal noob). However, I felt like joining this new site as I wanted to learn about coding and HTML which this site relies on, more so compared to my old site anyway it is way more advanced and complex.

My other website (though I did love it and enjoyed adding content to it), it just wasn’t practical for many reasons. For one the support team where terrible and would never answer your emails, I am not sure what the support team for this site is like but it has many features already included and built in that my old site did not have, so it was a move I needed to take.

I will now (for a good long while, I’m sure) be taking my time trying to transfer (MANUALLY, as I do not see a workable option otherwise) of trying to transfer pages from my old site to this new one. It will take time though as I am still not 100% confident on my abilities with this new one and there is a lot of pages on my old site. I will probably not include them all as I personally do not see the point to some of the really old pages. I also will not be giving up as I learn to use this new site

Last night alone took me 10 hours just to try and figure out how to design my homepage to the way I like it, I didn’t give up then neither and now I have managed to learn a good chunk of it and I personally like the new layout.

Anyway for now, catch you later!

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