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Within the first few hours of gameplay, you will have the option to join the Ryujin Industries in Starfield. This faction is a massive corporation, that values profit over everything else. Aside from this unique lore, joining the Ryujin Industries opens up several intriguing quests, not to mention a whole bunch of loot to use!

Joining the Ryujin Industries is also the only way to unlock the ‘Back to the Grind’ achievement, which is worth 10 points. 


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Back to the Grind

Back to the Grind is a quest that will allow you to join the Ryujin Industries. If you’ve ever joined another faction before, you’ll be aware that these missions are basically like interviews, where the faction leader decides whether or not you will make a good addition to the faction.

To get started with Back to the Grind, you’ll need to interact with one of Ryujin Industries’ Kiosks. These can be found literally all over the place. But, the most beginner-friendly kiosk can be found on Jemison in the Commercial District.

As you approach the Kiosk, you will be informed that the faction is currently looking for new members. If you interact with the Kiosk, you will initiate an interview, in which you can prove your worth. The answers don’t matter as much as your honesty. So, instead of giving the best-looking answers, give the most truthful ones, even if this means admitting that you’re a beginner. 

Once you’ve completed the interview process, you will be invited to another interview. Head to Neon to continue your application.

How to Join the Ryujin Industries

After you land on Neon, go to the Ryujin Industries building, located at the center of the city. Head to the front desk and talk to the receptionist. You will learn that a woman named Imogene will be interviewing you before directing you to her office. Ask the receptionist as much as you can about Ryujin Industries and Imogene before you go to the office. This information will come in useful when you talk to Imogene.

When you’re ready, take the elevator and go to Imogene’s office. After a brief dialogue, she will begin the interview. Again, your answers don’t matter very much, so just be as honest as you can.

After your interview, Imogene will give you a task, the success of which will determine whether you can join the Ryujin Industries. All you need to do is get a coffee from TerraBrew. While this might seem much easier than some of the other faction joining missions, such as ‘Kill the Outlaw Gang Leader on Altair IV-c’, there are actually a few traps that you can fall into.

For instance, as you head to TerraBrew, a man named Tomo will approach you. Tomo will tell you that he was once a member of Ryujin Industries. But, the company kicked him out after a conflict. After this, he will try to start a fight. Your job is to remain calm and persuade him to back down. Pick your dialogue options wisely, because your application depends on it.

After successfully dealing with Tomo, get the coffee and give it to all of the NPCs at Ryujin Industries. From here, Imogene will inform you that you have officially joined the Ryujin Industries. And after a brief enrollment, she will inform you of your first major task, which is much more dangerous than grabbing a cappuccino!

Why Should You Join the Ryujin Industries?

The reasons why you would want to join the Ryujin Industries are threefold:

  • Excellent Rewards. When you join the Ryujin Industries, you’re joining a massive business that makes a boatload of money. As such, you can get some very nice rewards by pledging loyalty to this faction, including a home office and huge credit payouts.
  • Easy Application. Compared to other factions, it’s undeniable that Ryujin Industries has one of the easiest recruitment processes. So, if you’re a beginner looking for a faction to join quickly, Ryujin Industries is a great choice. 
  • Interesting Lore. Joining the Ryujin Industries allows you to explore an entirely unique line of lore that other factions just can’t replicate. The faction is in a financial war with other corporations. And it needs you to commit all kinds of corporate espionage. So, if this darker side of the business world appeals to you, you’ll love what Ryujin Industries has to offer. 


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