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The Starfield Main Story Quests consists of walkthrough guides on how to complete the multiple key objectives. Which, involves a lot of space exploration. Trips to mars and the various quest rewards.

There are quite a few Starfield main and key objective story quests. In comparison to the 2015 title, Fallout 4, which was released 7 years ago, and featured a total of 12 quests altogether. This does not include the additional dlc content. So we can probably expect something similar.


Starfield Side Quests
Our first Starfield main story quest tasks us with speaking with Supervisor Lin


  • One Small Step
    • Follow Supervisor Lin
    • Get the Cutter
    • Collect Mineral Deposits
    • Explore the Cavern
    • Take Strange Object
    • Meet with the client
    • Hold off the pirates
    • Take off from Vectera
    • Deal with the Crimson Fleet
    • Travel to Kreet
    • Deal with the Crimson Fleet Captain
    • Land at New Atlantis
  • The Old Neighborhood
    • Talk to Sarah
    • Ask about Moara in Cydonia
    • Examine the Satellite
    • Go to Nova Galactic Staryard
    • Find any clues about Moara
    • Go to Neptune
    • Dock with Moara’s ship
    • Talk to Moara
    • Return to the Lodge
    • Add the artifact
  • Into the Unknown
    • Talk to Vladimir
    • Go to Tau Ceti II
    • Find Andreja
    • Go to Piazzi IV-C
    • Find the artifact on Tau Ceti II
    • Find the artifact on Piazzi IV-C
    • Adds the artifacts to the collection
    • Talk to Matteo
    • Talk to Vladimir
    • Go to Procyon III
    • Land at The Scanner Anomaly
    • Follow Distortions on the Scanner
    • Investigate the Source of the Anomaly
    • Return to the Lodge
    • Use ”Anti-Gravity Field” in front of Vladimir
  • Back to Vectera
    • Return to Vectera
    • Talk to Lin
    • Fix the Comms Computer
    • Optional: Obtain 3 Power Cells
    • Find a clue to Barrett’s location
    • Travel to Gryphus
    • Optional: Recruit Lin as Crew
    • Find Barrett and Heller
    • Talk to Heller
    • Listen to ”Emergency Transmission 02”
    • Travel to Bessel III
    • Optional: Recruit Heller as Crew
    • Rescue Barrett
    • Return to the Lodge
  • The Empty Nest
    • Talk to Sam Coe
    • Travel to Akila City
    • Go to the Galbank Vault
    • Complete ‘Job Gone Wrong
    • Search for the maps
    • Talk to Sam
    • Talk to Jacob
    • Get the maps
    • Travel to The Empty Nest
    • Get the Artifact
    • Deal with Shaw
    • (Optional) Kill Ashita
    • Return to The Lodge
  • All That Money Can Buy
    • Talk to Walter Stroud
    • Travel to Neon
    • Check in at Stroud-Eklund HQ
    • Talk to Issa Eklund
    • Investigate the Seller
    • Search the Seller’s Sleepcrate
    • Check the Door Controls
    • Go to the Astral Lounge
    • Locate the Seller
    • Negotiate for the Artifact
    • Go To Slayton Aerospace HQ
    • Go to the Next Floor
    • Climb the Trade Tower
    • Confront Nicolaus Slayton
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