We Are Currently Recruiting Content Creators To Join Our Team


The team over at Selphie1999Gaming are now open to recruiting new members into the team. It has been several years since our recruitment system was finally put into place. However, we now need your help!

Are you a motivated gaming enthusiast? Do you enjoy writing content? If you said yes to any of those then perhaps this is the right place for you!

As part of Selphie1999Gaming you will be required to write and contribute to the website. From writing gaming guides, gaming news, and gaming reviews. Affiliate pages are not required. A lot of which is already on this site to give you a better idea of what is expected. We want this content to continue and to give our readers enjoyment in reading and interacting with this website. Quality matters.

When it comes to writing content for the gaming news section. This can include a variety of different subjects, from competitive Esports, new video game releases, anything and everything. As long as it remains as part of the video game genre.

As for the game guides section. This one should be quite straight forward. It will involve trying to get detailed information about anything that players might get stuck in. From puzzle solving, trophy and achievement hunting, walkthroughs. Picture yourself in the player’s shoes and try to provide as much detail on trying to uncover all of their potential in-game problems.

Game reviews are quite self explanatory. As a writer and a member of the team you should hopefully have an idea as to what this will entail. Simply write about your experiences through previous games that you have managed to play recently.

Our goal is to continue producing good quality content for viewers to enjoy. As we continue to do this our potential will begin to reach new heights, new goals, and new ambitions. This could then see higher and better profits for both you and the site itself.

If you feel like you are up for the challenge of joining our team then you will be required to register with the Upwork website. This website is well known for finding and recruiting potential interest.

From there we can then work out any further questions that you might have. As said, we will be keeping an eye on your work to make sure that you abide by the rules and know what is expected here at Selphie1999Gaming

Much appreciated!


We are looking for motivated gamers from around the world, worldwide. Where you will be expected to work remotely. Either from home or out-of-office.

Being part of the team means that you will be working long-term, where you will be expected to contribute to the site on a daily basis. However, remember to take a few days break when needed. As you are still being paid, we will expect to see results at the end of each month.

Our staff are expected to be knowledgeable and preferably big fans of the video game industry. This way you will hopefully have some idea as to what you are indeed writing about.

When you first join our team you are expected to be able to write about most of the site topics. Though, if you have a preference and feel like you are better at a specific one then do feel free to let us know.

You are expected to work as a long-term member of the team. This means that unless you choose to leave or are kicked from the team, then you are expected to be a fully committed member of the team.

Ideally we need staff who are familiar with SEO work, such as keyword research and backlinks. We would also really appreciate it if you have had prior knowledge to content creating and writing.

You must be able to understand and speak fluent English. We are an English working team.


Before we can accept you into the team we will need to see your portfolio, CV, and writing experience.

Do not copy paste or abuse any AI form of writing. This is obvious to most people out there and should not be something that we feel needs to be told. If we find out that a lot of the work has been content scraped then you risk termination of your contract and being booted from the team. We need original content. Researched if required.




CURRENT AVAILABLE JOBS: N/A (Currently Not Recruiting. Check Back At A Later Date)

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