Channel Mascot, Molly. (An Autistic Story)


​Okay first off I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this section and without further ado let us begin.. 
This is the story of the black cat, Molly whom features in a lot of my videos as well as on my Twitter profile..

Living with Autism is difficult for a lot of people who suffer with it as Society tends to shut us out due to our differences and not only that but we tend to find things that other people take for granted difficult too such as communication, a simple trip to the shop amongst many other things. Not only that but during this time no one had heard of Autism before, I later found out that I was only 1-in 5 people that was diagnosed with it in the whole of the North East this obviously made life much more difficult as people including my School Teachers and family had no idea how to react to me.
Anyway when I was younger I often found myself alone, scared and unable to talk to people there would be many times where I wouldn’t even go outside and spent many day all day indoors with only my family for company, I felt very much different from the other kids my age.
People often joke about others not having friends and/or going outside I tend to see people joking about this a lot online but for me back then this was true this was actually my life for a long time, I was a hermit and I had no friends due to this I slowly found myself getting more and more depressed and isolated and my mum started to worry about me, a lot.

​One day however a Doctor apparently approached my mum, I wasn’t there at the time but according to my mum this Doctor recommended her to get a little pet, this pet would be something that I could learn to look after and hopefully bring me out in life be a companion and a year or so later for my 7th Birthday my mum did just that. Apparently my mum had a friend who had 2 black cats back then they where named Sylvia and Ruby and they where not getting looked after properly they where both in a poor state and where pretty much neglected a lot of the time.

So when I first found about these kitties I was over joyed, they where the best presents a 7yr old like me could ever ask for. We renamed the 2 cats Molly and Clancy and sent them both to the Vet for check ups and thankfully after a bit of treatment they where both fit and healthy.
I quickly came to realize that Molly was a very timid cat that often hid under the bed whilst Clancy was quite the opposite she was very outgoing and very vocal. Due to this I felt myself becoming closer and closer to Molly with each passing day as I felt I could relate to her the feeling of being scared, always running away from people and hated being picked up or petted she would only ever come out from hiding when the room she was in was empty and thus the threat she felt was no longer there, both me and Molly seemed to be different from everyone else I was different from many kids my age and Molly was different from the usual typical cats like Clancy.

It to me felt great! I finally felt like I could relate to someone, that I was no longer alone okay Molly was a cat but still at the time I didn’t care!
Thus for the next few years both me and Molly where inseparable we where best friends well truthfully told Molly was my only friend and one whom I disliked parting from even if it was just to go to the local Shopping Centre with my family, I often cried when I wasn’t with her and could never cope without her being by my side and it was like this for well over several years. This may seem odd to others but Molly was all I knew at the time and the only thing in my life whom I felt I could relate to and who made me feel less lonely in life.

As time went on as it always does and I aged and thus too did Molly we felt that I had to learn some living skills in life as living the way I was at the time wasn’t good for me but in order to do this I needed to go and live several hours away down South as it was the only affordable location that offered to help me out with what I needed to know and learn, sadly though they didn’t accept pets and thus I knew it meant I would be living without Molly for quite a while. I felt heartbroken and lost that I refused to move down South. Molly had helped me overcome fears, she made me feel less lonely, less isolated and she was always there for me and it was like that for many passing years and here is me being told I had to part from her for a while, I hated that mere thought but alas I knew how important it was for me to learn living skills in life and try to learn how to live independently

The following year though I grim bared it and accepted to move down South I mean I could always see Molly again during the Holidays when we could all return back to our families I just had to wait for those days/weeks to pass by and I did I waited for that time to pass with great anticipation I couldn’t wait to see Molly again, my childhood friend and the only friend that I had for the longest time. Not only that but I had planned that in the future we could move somewhere to live together.

Sadly though during my first year down South I got a phone call, one in which I wished I never ever got. It was my mum apparently my younger brother had found Molly laying in a nearby field looking rather weak they had taken her to the Vet but there was nothing they could do to help her and sadly she passed that very same night. We suspected she may of died of old age and she went to go and die in a field as cats tend to leave when they know its their time or so I’m lead to believe anyway, however no one knows for certain.

All I knew at this point was that I had lost my closest companion and growing up my only friend whom I was very close to for a very long time. I felt so lost and helpless my special friend had died and I was currently living several hours away and couldn’t do anything about this sudden tragedy.
Molly had turned me from a very much recluse person whom wouldn’t mutter a word to other people, whom never stepped a foot outdoors if she felt she didn’t have to and one whom felt very isolated, helpless and lonely in life into a person who reluctantly went to learn living skills down south despite not wanting to for the pure reason of leaving this companion of hers behind.

Molly was my childhood friend, my only friend and we helped each other she helped me get out in life more and I slowly watched her overcoming her timid nature too as she gradually stopped hiding under beds and started to accept being petted and being around people, we helped each other
It has now been several years since her passing and I still struggle through life but thanks to her I feel like I’m a better person, I now live independently in a Flat of my own. I will never forget her and I still have her Ashes and plan to get buried alongside her
Overall we reckon she was around 15yrs old when she died 13 of which where spent with us

This is why I have Molly on my videos and my Twitter profile.
She growing up as a child was my only friend and companion in a world where I felt very much isolated and lonely. I feel like I want to thank her in a way and thus I try to get her story out into the public.
She to many may of been just a cat but to me she was so much more than that. May she RIP


1996 – 2008

 Also there are many different forms of Autism, I am only one of many people out there that have this condition for more information on it go here: ​Aspergers Syndrome


Perhaps this next part is a bit off subject however shortly after Molly passed I ran a Stream for a little while and whilst doing so I was generously donated by one of my lovely viewers and thus I want to say and keep my thank you message to them here, I thought this was probably the best place for it on my website, so thank you

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