Doctor Who: The Edge Of Reality – Get Set For Space Travel This September 30. Features Both Jodie Whittaker & David Tennant

Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality is based on the hit TV show and is said to feature both the Thirteenth Doctor (voiced by Jodie Whittaker) and the Tenth Doctor (voiced by David Tennant) The game, will of course, also feature those fan favourite enemies such as the Daleks, Weeping Angels and the Cybermen, and […]

Lost In Random – Get Lost This September 10. New Gameplay Trailer Reveal

Lost in Random is a gothic-fairy-tale-inspired title that focuses on the rolls of a dice to determine the fate of the citizens, sounds like a CRPG type of game, however, it is not. In fact Lost in Random is more action adventure than RPG, still from what we have seen so far the game looks […]