The Matrix Awakens – New Tech Demo Revealed. More Details Coming December 9

After being leaked a few days back, more information regarding The Matrix Awakens has now been revealed, including a new tech demo. Originally The Matrix Awakens was said to be exclusive to the Playstation 5, though at the time nothing had been confirmed. However, a new Unreal Engine 5 experience page has surfaced over on […]

Guilty Gear: Strive – The Samurai ‘Baiken’ Gets Announced As Next DLC Character

The wandering Samurai, Baiken, has been announced as the next dlc character to be added to Guilty Gear Strive. Baiken’s announcement marks the fourth character to be announced as part of the Season One pass, which currently also consists of Goldlewis, Jack-O and Happy Chaos. There is still one more character that has yet to […]