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NAME: Selphie1999
ROLE: Reviewer, Content Creator (Founder)
FAVOURITE GAME: Final Fantasy VIII & Resident Evil 2 (Original). (RIP Paul Haddad. Best Leon!)

​Suffers with Autism but refuses to let that slow her down. She is also a big fan of the Yakuza game series and often finds herself mentally dating both Akiyama and Majima, crazy but true..
​She has also recently developed a love for Dragon Age’s Dorian too and regards herself as a true Dorianmancer. Problem is, is that she is now in a threesome (or she likes to think she is anyway) She enjoys being lost in her own world.

She also mainly runs this website by herself too. Due to this she often nicknames herself ‘SelphieSolo’. Though for how long that will be, who knows?



Selphie1999 –

What else can I say about myself hmm.. Well I’m an Autistic female gamer who has been residing in the UK for pretty much her entire life and I’m 32 years old (well I was at the time of typing this anyway haha)
I have been into video games from a very young age, my first game console was the SEGA Megadrive which I got for my 7th birthday. Outside of video games I enjoy watching Doctor Who, the Godfather series, My Hero Academia, enjoying listening to the music band Disturbed and support Liverpool FC and I also love kitties =^.^=

(Also as I seem to keep getting these strange messages, no I am not 12yrs old and yes my nickname is from Final Fantasy VIII, deal with it. I also stuck to the Selphie name as everyone around me calls me Selphie, so it has been a name in which I have had for several years now.)


Well simply put because I love video games, I have done so my entire life. The way I think and go about it is that after the years that video games have given me, I basically want to give back.

As someone who is Autistic life is tough, especially when I was much younger. I was only one of 5 people in the whole area of where I lived to of been diagnosed with having Autism. No one knew what Autism was back then. However, I knew I was different and simply put it was a struggle but video games have helped me get through the hard times and I just want to give back in all honesty.

By posting and uploading the content that I do, I feel like I’m helping to get the team’s products noticed and thus helping the industry. It is also FREE publicity for the industry too. 

It is also a hobby of mine too, my true passion is video games so I basically want to appreciate the genre.


Usually I’m okay with this, however I sometimes get asked quite frequently so I tend to have quite a backlog of games that people wish for us to review. I’m more than willing to accept though if you can be patient with us. 

As a general step by step process that we like to do when doing reviews is that we will first of course play the game, from there we will proceed to write about it here on the site. After that we will email the company/person that gave us a review key. We will of course abide by any embargo rule too, this goes without saying as we know it is important for companies to stick to this. 

Another and perhaps this time more of a rule that will probably help those out seeking people like us to review their games is that, we only review games that are playable on the PC, PS4, PS5 and XBox Series X. We also accept games that are suitable for the PSVR too if that helps, though we are not currently able to review PC VR games, only those on the Playstation are acceptable for us at this present moment in time.

(Note: You can find my Computer PC specs listed below..)

As for what type of games we play, well simply put we like to be flexible with that and tend to try and be an open book. So I would worry less on that regard.

If all of that is okay for you then feel free to send your requests to us and we will try go get through it as soon as possible. Thanks!

(You can contact us using the information below)

  • Woovit: xSelphie1999x
  • Keymailer: Selphie1999 (xSelphie1999xHDGaming)
    Email: Selphie1999@yahoo.co.uk


TypeGaming laptop
Operating systemWindows 10
Processor– Intel® Core™ i7-10750H Processor
– Hexa-core
– 2.6 GHz / 5.0 GHz
– 12 MB cache
RAM16 GB DDR4 (2933 MHz)
Graphics card– NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Super
– 8 GB GDDR6
Storage– 1 TB HDD (7200 rpm)
– 512 GB SSD


Usually we do not really accept random friend requests, however if you send us one we will probably accept haha. 
The type of games I play are usually RPG, Horror, Action, Adventure (And anything with Yakuza’s Majima and Akiyama. Also I shall not forget about my love for Dragon Age’s Dorian neither (Dorianmancer 4life! teehee <3)

PSN ID: Selphie_1999 


Selphie1999.weebly was my old website and my very first site at that too. Though I have since moved on from there, it was fun whilst I first started out but times have changed and I have got better experience.

Anyway for those who may be wondering why I seem to link to another site that is why, the Selphie1999.weebly site used to be mine. You can probably tell that it was mine with all of the cat pictures and of course the name too.

So yes just to clarify I am the original content owner of the Selphie1999.weebly site. Thanks!

RIP Selphie1999.weebly (It was defunct back in August 2020)


If you have a question about our content, or if you simply want to inquire about something then you can find our contact details within this page

​We are more than willing to respond however as we can be quite busy at times, replying to you may take a while..


  • ✓ ​21/2/2017 – I returned to Streaming on Twitch after several years xD
  • ✓ 5/3/2017 – Reached 100 Molly Worshippers/Followers On Twitch. Molly Will Rise From The Ashes! Thank You!!! =^.^=
  • (For a brief description on who Molly is check out this link here)
  • ✓ 19/5/2017: Started Youtube! (914 Subs)
  • ✓ 20/7/2017: Hit 1k Subs!
  • ✓ 8/8/2017: Became a Youtube Partner
  • ✓ 8/8/2017: Joined up with CurseNetwork!
  • ✓  23/4/2018: Started Doing Game Reviews!
  • ✓ 27/6/2018: My Old Gaming Website Was Reborn! 
  • ✓ 1st-28th/2/2019: My old website managed to hit a new milestone of 8k views.
  • ✓ 6/8/2020: New website was born! (Another restart! Mainly due to site complications) I now mainly only focus on my Youtube channel and this Website. Anything else is practically in the kitty litter now, I of course still try and maintain my Social Media accounts too (linked below)

Twitter: Selphie1999
Facebook: Selphie1999
Youtube: xSelphie1999x
Business Email: Selphie1999@yahoo.co.uk