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NAME: Selphie1999
ROLE: Reviewer, Content Creator (Founder)
FAVOURITE GAME: Final Fantasy VIII & Resident Evil 2 (Original). (RIP Paul Haddad. Best Leon!)

​Suffers with Autism but refuses to let that slow her down. She is also a big fan of the Yakuza game series and often finds herself mentally dating both Akiyama and Majima, crazy but true..
​She has also recently developed a love for Dragon Age’s Dorian too and regards herself as a true Dorianmancer. Problem is, is that she is now in a threesome (or she likes to think she is anyway) She enjoys being lost in her own world.

She also mainly runs this website by herself too. Due to this she often nicknames herself ‘SelphieSolo’. Though for how long that will be, who knows?



Selphie1999 –

What else can I say about myself hmm.. Well I’m an Autistic female gamer who has been residing in the UK for pretty much her entire life and I’m 32 years old (well I was at the time of typing this anyway haha)
I have been into video games from a very young age, my first game console was the SEGA Megadrive which I got for my 7th birthday. Outside of video games I enjoy watching Doctor Who, the Godfather series, My Hero Academia, House, enjoying listening to the music band Disturbed and support Liverpool FC and I also love kitties =^.^=

(Also as I seem to keep getting these strange messages, no I am not 12yrs old and yes my nickname is from Final Fantasy VIII, deal with it. I also stuck to the Selphie name as everyone around me calls me Selphie, so it has been a name in which I have had for several years now.)


Well now that you know a little about me, the current sole author, I’ll tell you more about what you can expect from this site.

This site is mostly video game related, where I post anything from video game news, reviews, and guides. Gaming is practically the main subject when you come here.

However, I also have a habit of collecting various celebrity autographs (or squigglegraphs as I like to call them). Though, I don’t really care for it as much any more, it was merely something I enjoyed growing up as a youngster and somehow ended up on to the site. (You can check out my collection here: Selphie1999’s Autograph Collection)

I have more of a habit and interest in collecting video game memorabilia such as statues, hence why I also enjoy posting articles regarding that. It was truly amazing to get accepted as an affiliate and be able to post about amazing statues and collectibles. In fact this site has felt like a massive dream come true for me so far. Being able to write about my favourite subjects; video games and collectibles. (You can check out some of my various collectibles here: Selphie1999’s Collectible Collection)

When I was much younger I tried to create my very first website, unfortunately it never took off. It never even hit the internet. I just ended up with countless CDs full of work that ended up getting thrown out.

Now, thanks to todays technology, I can finally live the dream that I had as a child, and still have today.


For those wondering, on most, if not all, of my social media pages and indeed this website, I have a specific picture. That picture is of a little black cat named Molly.

Molly was my very first cat as a child, I always loved cats and there is always that special one, for me that special one was Molly.

As an Autistic child, only one of five back then, it was really uncommon. Life was hard, knowing you were different from everyone else. So up pawed Molly. Together we were like soul buddies, never apart and I loved her.

Unfortunately back in 2008, Molly perished, in what we believe ended up being old age. It was heart breaking. She was with us for over 12 years.

Since her tragic passing, I have decided to stay with her, we were never apart back then so why should we be now? With this she now resides on my various sites and pages.

You can read more about my furry companion here: Selphie1999’s True Best Friend, Molly.


  • ✓ ​21/2/2017 – I returned to Streaming on Twitch after several years xD
  • ✓ 5/3/2017 – Reached 100 Molly Worshippers/Followers On Twitch. Molly Will Rise From The Ashes! Thank You!!! =^.^=
  • (For a brief description on who Molly is check out this link here)
  • ✓ 19/5/2017: Started Youtube! (914 Subs)
  • ✓ 20/7/2017: Hit 1k Subs!
  • ✓ 8/8/2017: Became a Youtube Partner
  • ✓ 8/8/2017: Joined up with CurseNetwork!
  • ✓  23/4/2018: Started Doing Game Reviews!
  • ✓ 27/6/2018: My Old Gaming Website Was Reborn! 
  • ✓ 1st-28th/2/2019: My old website managed to hit a new milestone of 8k views.
  • ✓ 6/8/2020: New website was born! (Another restart! Mainly due to site complications) I now mainly only focus on my Youtube channel and this Website. Anything else is practically in the kitty litter now, I of course still try and maintain my Social Media accounts too (linked below)


If you have a question about our content, or if you simply want to inquire about something then you can find our contact details within this page

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