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Free Counsellor Florrick is another entry into the Baldur’s Gate III BG3 side quest line-up. This one begins in act 3. Here we discover that Florrick is a prisoner over in the Wyrmrock Prison

Poor old Counsellor Florrick from the fire of Act I to the cursed lands of Act II. She has been through a lot and now she’s up for the death penalty. Will you save her?

Unlocking Free Counsellor Florrick Quest

Unlock the quest by looking at the gallows noticeboard when you enter the Lower City in Baldur’s Gate. You see the familiar name of Counsellor Florrick and that she only has 5 days until her sentence is conducted. If you want to free counsellor Florrick you need to find where she is being held.

Find Florrick

The easiest way to find out where Florrick is being held is to talk to the guard right next to the notice. He’ll tell you she’s in Wymrock Prison. You can also find this out from Duke Ravenguard but since you have to save him first that may take too long.


In order to get inside Wymrock Prison you will need to get caught for a crime in the city and let them take you to the prison. You will then find the Counsellor in the cell next to you.

That last option may cause some problems, so here are some ways you can break the Counsellor out without getting caught yourself. There are two ways to get into the prison. Here are both. Before going in, be sure you have some potions of invisibility and plenty of thief’s tools.

Free Counsellor Florrick in Wymrock Prison

Method #1: Through the Front

Enter the Wymrock Fortress and head through a door on the left. There will be a set of spiral stairs leading down by a Steel Watcher. Head down there to the Wymrock Prison. You are now trespassing so be careful.

The first guard you come across will be asleep so you can leave them alone for now. Enter sneak and pick the first door open. Sneak in, do your best to not get spotted but if you do, make sure you are using a character who can pull off a good Deception roll to convince the guards you’re supposed to be here.

If you pass that deception roll you will be able to walk about the prison freely. Head north and on the second cell to the left you will find Florrick.

Free Counsellor Florrick

When you find Florrick she will be understandably down. You will need to pass a Persuasion or Intimidation check to give her a bit of a pep talk. Once she’s ready to go she’ll ask you to get her out. To get her door open you can either pick it yourself or if you are confident enough in your sleight of hand pickpocket a guard for the key.

Once you have her cell open one of the safest ways to get her out again is to throw a potion of invisibility at her. This will let the potion affect her. With that you’ll be able to just walk out. Follow the path you took to get in all the way out of Wymrock Keep. Florrick will talk to you one last time, thank you and promise her support when the time comes.

Free Counsellor Florrick BG3 quest complete.

Method #2: Through the Back

So rather than heading into the prison through the front door there is another way in. Head into Wymrock Keep and head right. Veer left around the Audience Hall and head outside. Climb down a cragged rock, head south and leap over the gap. There you will find a ‘crack in wall to prison.’

Once inside you will be trespassing again so be careful. Head inside and leap over the gap, heading south. Climb through another wall and pick your way through a door on your right. To find Florrick you will need to head into the prison, take a right and find her in the last cell on the left.

The counsellor will need her pep talk again and you will be able to leave the same way with the invisibility potion.

Like the other method as soon as you get outside the counsellor will thank you and offer her support.

BG3 Free Counsellor Florrick quest complete.

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