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With a quest name like ‘Punish the Wicked’ all the good paladins must be getting excited but as ever, is it all that it seems? Here is another Baldur’s Gate III (BG3) side quest, which can be started during act 3. It will also allow you to obtain a raven summon.

There maybe some other rolls that can be used during this quest but I’ve covered what I could find. Comment if you used a different option and the outcome you had.


Around the camp in the Shadow-Cursed lands you will find a strange man with a white raven talking to a corpse. He seems to see you as a kindred spirit and deems you worthy enough to help him. The man called in the subtitles, He Who Was, tells you that this is the corpse of a criminal and asks you to obtain a record of their crime so he can summon their soul and punish them. Apparently, death isn’t enough. You’ll need to head to The Waning Moon.

The Waning Moon

You’ll find the Waning Moon near the road to Balder’s Gate waypoint. Head inside and you’ll be able to sit at the bar and talk to a rather large creature playing bartender. You will need to get rid of this creature somehow. Obviously, you can fight but when you pick up the tankard the narrator will helpfully point out that the creature’s stomach looks like it can’t take anymore. Party members will point out that if you can make him drink, you’ll be able to literally make him burst, therefore skipping the fight without combat.

Yes, it’s the tavern battle of the decade. What adventure is complete without the drinking boss battle!

Drink to Death

The creature will only drink when you do. I’m not sure you want to know what the concoction will do to your insides but there’s no other way around it. Either you will need to pass a constitution saving throw to tank whatever damage it may do to you or a slight of hand check to be able to passably fake drinking.

Next, like any good barkeep, he wants a story to drink to. Roll a performance check to tell him of one of your exploits. You will literally have a list of things you  have done in your game so far. After that you will have the chance to ask a few questions about the creature before having to take another drink or successfully pretend to take another drink.

Pass that and he will ask for yet more stories. Once again, a performance check with your favourite tale. Should you pass you have the chance to ask another question or two before having to drink again.

With this being the third time and boss fight rules applying the creature will continue to drink and, as predicted its stomach will burst and it will be defeated.

A bar boss battle in the Punish the Wicked quest

Find the Ledger

After looting your felled quarry head around the bar and check out some loose floor planks inside you’ll find the ledger you need.

Return to He Who Was

He Who Was should not have moved from where you left him. Return to him and give him the ledger. The man will proceed to summon the dead woman into his body and asks you to talk to her, be her judge and punish her.

As is always the way with Baldur’s Gate things are not so straight forward. You have three choices. All three will need persuasion rolls.

Option #1

Believe what the spirit says and forgive her. If you do this when He Who Was comes back, he will be very angry and you will enter combat.

Option #2

Get her to stab herself and since she is in, He Who Was’s body he will stab himself and die as well.

Option #3

You can tell her she deserves to be punished which will make her feel horrible grief and guilt. He Who Was will wish you had hurt her more but will be satisfied.

If you do this option or fail the persuasion roll, He Who Was will reward you for your help with 29 gold and Raven Gloves. Raven Gloves give you a level three spell that will let you summon a Raven friend.  

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