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Find Zevlor is an optional side quest within Baldur’s Gate III (BG3). It can be acquired during act 2. After following Ketheric Thorm into the Mindflayer Colony.

Zevlor is a character you couldn’t have missed. Even if you didn’t talk to him personally back in the emerald grove, he was there when the Goblins first attacked. Back in act 1. If you’re worried about his safety or at least curious to find him read ahead carefully. It is possible to story lock yourself out of saving him.


Find Arabella’s Parents

Unlocking the FIND ZEVLOR Quest

You can unlock this quest by talking to Cerys or another Tiefling in the Last Light Inn. She’ll mention Zevlor but said Tiefling is nowhere to be seen so you can ask about him. She’ll explain that they were attacked by cultists and Zevlor begged them to surrender. Half of them managed to make it to escape and make it to the Inn, the other half and Zevlor were not so lucky. She assumes they are dead.

For once, you are not requested to go look for them. This quest is added to your journal after this conversation.

Continue with the Story

Most quests in Baldur’s gate you are just able to do. You can just head to the quest marker but this one may trip you up as you will need to progress the story. You will not be able to find Zevlor until you are on your way to confronting Ketheric Thorm. This will give you access to the area Mind Flayer Colony and you can find Zevlor in the Tadpoling Centre.

Find Zevlor

In the tadpoling centre you will find Zevlor and a few others stuck in pods but they won’t be the only ones. There will be several newly born mind flayers ready to come out too. If you want to save Zevlor you will have to open them all. Take a rest and cast any battle preparation spells you need before interacting with the console in the room.

Just a note: You can skip the combat selecting the pruge option. This will kill Zevlor but the journal will update with Quest Complete.

Also if you are thinking of clearing the area and coming back for Zevlor, don’t. If you skip ahead and take down the boss or complete the area you will not be able to come back. The area will not be accessible after completion.

Open the Pods

There are no skill checks in the console interaction, choose the release option. This will open all the pods and combat will begin. This will be a long battle. You will be facing 6 intellect devourers and 4 mind flayers; however you will also have 3 NPCs on your side. The intellect devourers will go down fast so the number of foes will reduce rapidly if you focus them down first.

Then along with the NPCs you will outnumber the remaining Mind Flayers.

Talk to Zevlor

Once you have defeated the enemies, talk to Zevlor. He will explain how he ended up in this predicament. You can choose to ask him whether the other Tieflings are safe or not. It’s an interesting conversation, there are no rolls and for once you can’t really influence the outcome. You can’t even have him as an extra NPC for the coming battles.

He volunteers to look for other survivors and leads them out. You will not need to return to where you got the quest for this to count as complete. Your journal will update that Zevlor is on his own now. Maybe you’ll see him in the next act.

Story Locked?

I’m sorry there is no way to go back if you do not save or kill Zevlor while in the Mind Flayer Colony. Players have reportedly been able to force their way back in with Misty Step but been unable to Free Zevlor once in.

After you leave, your journal will update with something along the lines of ‘We Never found Zevlor’ and the quest is complete. So I suspect players have been having issues because not finding Zevlor also counts as quest complete.

However there are no particular rewards for this quest so it’s not the end of the world if you miss him.    

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