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Find Arabella’s Parents is a Baldur’s Gate III (BG3) optional side quest. It can be found and started in act 2. The quest itself involves Arabella’s parents Locke and Komira. It relates to scenes during act 1.

In order to get this quest it is assumed that you managed to save Arabella and sided with the Tieflings in the Emerald Grove during Act 1, Investigate Kagha

Unlocking The Find Arabella’s Parents QUEST

Near the Reithwin Town waypoint you’ll find Arabella in the Shadow-Cursed Village. She will wave you into a cutscene with her when you get close. During the cutscene, she will be attacked by some shades but you won’t have to fight them. She’ll show off her own spells.

After speaking for a bit, Arabella will explain that she’s out here on her own to look for her parents. She got separated from them as they escaped the Emerald Grove. She knows you are reliable, so she’ll ask you for help in finding her parents. The search begins!

Find Arabella's Parents is a side quest given to us by daughter Arabella
Arabella Greets Us

The House of Healing

If you head directly west from where you found Arabella, you’ll quickly come across the House of Healing. Enter through the first door you find and then head north. Look out for a door to your right and head into that room.

If you have not completed or picked up the Wake up Art Cullagh quest then I suggest you refrain from looking around for now as you may get dragged into a boss fight you were not prepared for.

In the room you enter, you will find a strange nurse that looks like she walked out of Silent Hill and two bodies. Yes, sadly the two bodies are Arabella’s parents. There does not seem to be anyway to save them.

What to Do

Once you have discovered the bodies your journal will update and tell you to report to Arabella. You don’t even have to talk to the nurse for this to trigger you can just return to camp and continue. However, there are some extra things you can do here.

If you do talk to the nurse, she will be worried that her care of the patients is bad and not realise that the two are dead. You can take some time to convince her that the bodies are already dead so she will stop mutilating the corpses. You could also kill her since she and her associates did kill Arabella’s parents but be warned this woman is also a trader and you will lose access to her wears.

The last thing you can do before returning to Arabella is use the speak with the dead spell on her father’s corpse. He will explain how he died and give you some more information on the missing Zevlor.

Bearing Bad News

Go back to your camp and find Arabella talking to Withers. In order to complete the quest you will need to tell her the truth and understandably she does not take it well. You will have to leave her alone and come back after a long rest after she has calmed down.

Arabella’s Fate

When you go back to check on her. Arabella will still be upset but Withers will be able to help calm her down. Withers will tell you about the great power that she holds and the journey she will have to embark on to learn to control it.

At first, she will not be too eager to leave and if you are playing a good character, you may be reluctant to send a child off on her own but Withers warns of what may become of her if she stays with you and manages to ease Arabella’s worries.

Arabella will forge her own path and for you it will be quest complete.


Helping Arabella grants you the Shadow Blade Ring. A Ring that gives the user the level 2 concentration spell Shadow Blade. The sword the blade makes does 2-16 psychic damage and gives advantage against enemies in dim light or darkness. The blade will stay out as long as you have concentration and can be equipped and unequipped.

Also, good news for warlocks it can be assigned as your pact weapon. This does not stop it from disappearing after concentration is broken, however.

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