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Wake Up Art Cullagh is an optional side quest within Baldur’s Gate III. It requires us to gather clues, speak with the flaming fist and explore the House of Healing. It is a quest that can be found during act 2.

Wake up Art Cullagh? Who? What will that do? Let’s find out.

There maybe some other rolls that can be used during this quest but I’ve covered what I could find. Comment if you used a different option and the outcome you had.


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To unlock this quest you’ll need to talk to Counsellor Florrick in the Last Light Inn, during act 2. She will discuss many important main story related subjects. But our primary and main concern in order to begin this quest is about the comatose flaming fist.

Gathering Clues

The comatose flaming fist mentioned is actually Art Cullagh, and he is the man dreamily singing in one of the beds in the room. Approach and ask the flame attending to him all you can about his condition. If you investigate enough, you and your more magically inclined companions will come to the same conclusion. That he needs something personal to remind him of who he is and pull him out of his comatose state.

The flame that is trying to rouse him will give you a letter he had on him when he was found. After talking you can go into your inventory to read the letter. The letter is an outline of his last job before he went missing. He was looking into the house of healing. You should go and trace his steps with hopes of finding something familiar to him.

The House of Healing

When you enter the house of healing you will come across what can only be described as a horror movie scene. Four nurses and a man will be gathering around a man strapped to a bloody operating table. The nurses give very Silent Hill 2 vibes.

The creepy individuals from the house of healing and Art Cullagh quest

Luckily, they are not that kind of crazy to attack on sight and will talk to you once they notice you. However I would not blame you for pressing the attack option that is available in the first set of options.

If you do want to fight, be warned Malus Thorm, the man in charge, is a tough boss fight. Make sure to save, get a long rest and cast what buff spells you need to before you enter if combat is the plan.

As in most fights, the best plan is to take out the other enemies but for once it isn’t just so you can focus down the boss. If you ignore his assistants, they will furnish Malus with tools that will make him more dangerous as the battle goes on. Kill them, then him.

Non-combat plan

If you do not want to fight save before entering the house in case you mess up the rolls. In the first conversation play along with Malus for a small time. Then you will need a good Persuasion, Investigation or Religion roll to convince Malus that his students are lacking. After you will be able to use another check to either convince either, the assistants to kill each other or for the teacher to allow the assistants to kill him.

You can use it to get the sisters to kill each other if you want a slightly easier boss fight but you will not be able to progress the quest until Malus is dead. The best option is to convince Malus to let his assistants kill him. Once you do this the assistants will become nonhostile. You will be able to loot Malus’s corpse no problem and find a lute that has Art’s initials on it.

Waking Up

Return to the last light Inn and give Art his Lute. Don’t worry if you are lacking in bard skills, proficiency is unnecessary. All your character needs to do is strum a little and Art will awaken and tell you how he survived.


13/8/2023 – This quest has been reported to be bugged after getting the lute from Malus. If you place the aforenamed item into the camp storage then the quest will not update. This lute is necessary for completing the quest. So make sure the quest is complete whilst the flute is still in your inventory.

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