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One of the Baldurs Gate 3 optional side quests that you can find during act 3 is Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders. In this quest we can interact and speak with Sister Yannis.

Murders to solve at a temple! Who doesn’t love a good whodunnit? Grab your pipe and let’s investigate.


The Stern Librarian FFion Quest


In Rivington, head to the Open Hand Temple. Head around the pool in the middle and speak to Sister Yannis. She’ll tell you the temple is not currently open as the father has been murdered!

If you offer to solve the murder, she says it already has been solved. That the culprit is known to be a refugee tiefling called Brilgor, but she has her doubts. The investigator, Valeria is known to normally be reliable but something doesn’t seem right about the case.

Though she initially refused and insisted the case was solved she happily answers all your questions and even wishes you luck on your search.

Meeting Sister Yannis in The Open Hand Temple Murders Quest BG3

The Speak with Dead Method

Obviously, in a world of magic like this the easiest way to solve any murder is to ask the victim. After talking to Sister Yannis. Head into the door behind her and cast speak with dead on the Father’s corpse.

Sadly, the corpse will not be able to give the best information, however it will prove the investigator wrong as it describes the killer as a dwarf dressed in red rather than a tiefling. It will also confirm that the murder took place in the basement.


The sister will tell you that the Father died in the cellar. Head into the back through a door on the right of the shrine and climb down the hatch in that room.

Take a left then through some doors on the right. In order to proceed you will need to press two hidden switches. One is on you left as you enter on the same wall as the door and the other is across the room from the first. The two buttons will open a hidden door. Go into sneak mode and head in.

You’ll find three enemies inside, prepare for battle and head in. Once combat is over loot the corpses and pick up a key with a flower motif. Near the edge to the west you will also find a hole. Inside you’ll find the murder weapon, the Stillmaker. A very rare dagger that casts Hold Person.

Find The Lock

You’ll find the lock to this key in Fraygo’s Fliphouse near the South Span of Wyrm’s Crossing waypoint. Head in, up the stairs and up a ladder into the attic. You will find that the key strangely works on a wardrobe up there.

Head into the wardrobe to find a hidden room. On the desk you will find a note. Read the note and see a list of names of people to be killed in the name of Baal. If you investigate near the bed, you will also find the body of Ffion from the ‘Stern Librarian’ quest.

You should show this to the investigator. The Sister told you they would be at the Sharess Caress which is across the road from The Flophouse.

Report Your Findings

Head up the stairs and find that the investigator is in fact a small flying elephant. Named Valeria. The small, maybe a little drunk, flying elephant is not pleased to hear that she was wrong. She will ask you to show the evidence. The quickest way through the conversation is to show her the list. She points you in the direction of a Constable Devela who has apparently been on the trail of Baal loyalists for a while. Lastly, she gives you a pass to access the lower city to find her.

The flying elephant in The Open Hand Temple Murders

If you show her the murder weapon, she will admit it is an impressive discovery but press you further, leading to you just having to show the list anyway. Regardless.

Before we finish up with the quest proceed back to the body of Ffion and use Speak with the Dead to learn about the true culprit of the crime, Dolor. The son who has a thing for committing and taking lives. Only by speaking with Ffion can we unlock the true ending to the Solve the Open Hand Temple Murders BG3 quest.


After meeting up with the flying elephant investigator, Valeria, proceed into the room to the right of the temple. Here you will find Brother Donnick. If you inquire about Lorgan, Donnick will then mention his dissatisfaction with the efforts of the investigator. He will also disagree that Brilgor could be connected to the incident.

We can get further evidence by speaking with Sister Rose. Who, unlike Donnick, will agree with the investigator. That the crime must have been committed by a refugee. Not only that but there are traces of paralytic poison in the Father’s wounds.

After activating the switches and defeating the Zomm enemies, you can then choose to use Speak with the Dead with one of the fallen Zomm victims. We will then get information on someone known as Dolor.

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