DOOM Eternal – The Doomslayer Has Returned. So Too Has The Amazing Soundtrack.. Oh And Our Review!

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Doom Eternal is the fifth title in the Doom series and is a sequel to 2016’s Doom.

It pits players in a mission to save Earth from the now-corrupt Union Aerospace Corporation. 
Earth has also been 60% wiped out, thus the Demon Slayer finds out about this and seeks to become the hero.

Just like with Doom 2016 players will be able to combat various different demons in various different areas, some fan favourite demons such as the Revenant and Cacodemons also make a come back alongside some new ones too.

Most missions also come with several different collectible items to hunt for, some of which can be really beneficial and grant extra lives. 
Alongside collectibles there is also the ability to unlock Slayer Gates and be completely overrun by demons, and Secret Encounters which are basically a smaller version of the Slayer Gates and require you to defeat certain demons within a certain time limit.

The game has a very addictive gameplay mechanic of running around to heavy metal music that really fits the mood and gunning down demons with a huge range of weapons and abilities.
Many of these weapons and abilities can be customized and upgraded to become even more powerful.

Many demons also come with their own unique weaknesses like shooting their tails or destroying their arms and such.
Aiming for their weaknesses can give you a great advantage during difficult and long fights. 


Another great Doom game in our opinions, the story is enjoyable though a lot of it is hidden behind codex pages.
These codex pages are unfortunately hidden and counted as a collectible, so to know the full story of Doom Eternal you will need to collect them.

There are plenty of weapons and abilities to find and unlock, including the infamous BFG. I’ll be honest though towards the end of the game I did find myself neglecting several of these weapons as the others just seemed to have a better use for the situation I was in and much better upgrades too.

We didn’t really have any qualms, if we did have to complain about something though it would be the repetitive demon slaying gameplay and perhaps after enough hours it can get somewhat tiring. However, having said that thanks to the upbeat music, collectibles and Slayer Gate challenges it still managed to stay refreshing and enjoyable despite this. So again like I said we didn’t really have any real qualms. The story length was long enough to not turn stale too. 

We haven’t played the online mode thus we have based this review on the main game instead.

Developer: id Software  / Publisher: Bethesda
Release Date: March 20th 2020
Platforms: PC PS4 XBox One Switch
Genre: Action FPS
Main Story Length: 15-20 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: 
Platform Reviewed On: PS4
SCORE: 3/5

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