Edge Of Eternity – Our Latest Review Has Us Battling Corrosion

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Edge of Eternity is a Japanese RPG that has been heavily influenced by the Final Fantasy series. Featuring turn-based style combat, beautiful locations and surroundings that makes it almost impossible to not just want to stand and admire it all.

As said the game does feature turn-based combat but unlike most games out there it has so much more to offer than a simple and generic combat system. For example the entire battlefield plays out on a grid, within this grid the party has the ability to move around and dodge any potential incoming attacks. Alongside that you can even use the environment in order to give yourself that much needed advantage during a tough fight. Though, sadly this isn’t an option you can use all of the time.
Also, if that wasn’t enough and if you are that challenging type of individual you can also complete various combat objectives that appear during every fight. These objectives may include defeating a foe in under a certain amount of moves or using specific weapons. This really keeps things interesting as you continue to fight your way through the various enemies that stand before you. You will also be rewarded for completing them too.

Also, can I just say how amazing the mount is within the game? I mean, okay they may have a strange name being called a Nekaroo, lets be honest a Nekaroo sounds more like a Kangaroo with a long neck.
In actual fact though in Edge Of Eternity a Nekaroo is one of the most adorable mounts that I have ever seen in a video game. Nekaroos deserve more praise and I want to help give them it, they are essential during the game and can even help dig for buried treasure. I often find myself just gazing at my Nekaroo lovingly and affectionately into its eyes.. ‘cough’ anyway moving on..

The game has heaps of side activities for you to enjoy when you are tired of searching for the all important cure to the Corrosion that plagues the world, some of these also include various puzzles for you to solve.

Speaking of Corrosion that is the main plot of this story, for those wondering. The Corrosion is an ilness that plagues the world and our heroes job is to find a cure to it before it is too late.
Unfortunately things get even more dire when the team discover that even those close to them is suffering from it.
Corrosion is technically exactly what you think it is, a slow and painful death without the extra ‘rusting’.

As for the various skills and abilities within the game, that can be quite basic at times. As you continue your adventures you go around collecting crystals which can then be added to your gear, some of these crystals offer added benefits such as unique abilities that can be slotted onto your weapon and used during combat. The problem is that these crystals are easy to come by and they don’t seem to break after being inserted into an old weapon that you no longer need, in fact you can then place it onto your new weapon of choice instead. This can get rather boring and stale after a while. It would of been nice if the crystals were not transferable, at least it would generate more of a challenge when you get stack-fulls of crystals anyway.

I also want to comment on the camera angles too, sometimes the angles are terrible. Often zooming in on stuff that shouldn’t be zoomed in on, its like they gave you a fixed camera to play with without thinking about the object in question and how it may look during the game. Though this may be a minor hindrance as it only occurs during combat it is still definitely noticeable and when the camera isn’t right you cannot help but know about it

Still this game is a fun experience and enjoyable overall. I don’t have too many gripes with it other than those I have already mentioned, still I cant help but feel like if the game was given just a few more extra months of development to fix a few kinks then I might of given it a better score

  • Developer: Midgar Studio
  • Publisher: Dear Villagers, Maple Whispering Limited
    Release Date: June 8th, 2021
    Platforms: PC
    Genre: JRPG
    Main Story Length: 
    Platinum Trophy Length: 
    Platform Reviewed On: PC
  • Overall Rating: 3/5 (Good)


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