Legends Of Ellaria – Our Latest Indie Review Reminds Us Of Other RPG Titles

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​It was amazing when we first started up the game, we are still rather new to indie games having spent most of our life playing mainstream games instead, so when we booted up the game and instantly got a character creation screen full of many different customizable options we where highly impressed.

The customization screen as already previously stated housed many different options including gender, hair styles and hair colour amongst other interesting perks all of which have a reasonable amount of options to chose from to help you create that perfect individual.

The soundtrack was very well put together too and instantly impressed us, all of this made us very excited to play what we hoped would be a great little indie title.

The tutorial was rather short and guided us rather well through the basics of the game which was great and despite not exactly being big on PC gaming, as we mainly play Console, the controls where really easy to get used to and we had no issues with any of the movement or abilities.

We felt rather impressed and felt ourselves enjoying ourselves despite only having gone through the tutorial, however sadly that is where it all ended for us.

As the tutorial came to an inevitable end and the game opened up we were instantly hit by a huge lag spike that would not go away. Our game had gone from running at a steady 20 FPS which despite being low was still manageable to now barely reaching 10, it had become unplayable.

We tried changing the graphic display from having been set to the default of ‘Normal’ to now being set to ‘Lowest’ and sadly this did not improve things.
We really wanted to continue the game though so despite it being somewhat unplayable we fought our way through it and eventually found ourselves in a Cave.

Whilst in the Cave we noticed the Frame Rate had returned to the normal 20 and everything was playable once again, thus we feel that due to the vast amount of stuff on the screen at the same time which was the case when the huge lag spike hit, we ended up with the conclusion that this had to be the issue. The game was unable to process everything at a reasonable speed and thus struggled. 

We also had assumed that our computer could be the issue for the lag spike but we played the game on several different days and sadly got the same result, perhaps our computer didn’t meet the requirements to play it? this was also another possibility that hit us, however after doing some research and for the type of game in which it is we came to the conclusion that this was not the case afterall.
Our Computer is also a high end gaming Desktop too which also made us feel the issue again was not with us but rather with the actual game. However we are not exactly certain on this there could be other issues with our computer in which we are unaware of so we will try to keep that in mind as we continue with said review.

We tried to plough through the game however as we really wanted to give a review for this game since the Developers where kind enough to give us a code to play it, so we continued onwards like warriors and fought our way through the lag issues.

The whole game reminded us of the Elder Scrolls games including the combat system so if you find yourselves enjoying those then this game could be a great addition to your gaming collection.

The additional features of recruiting allies to help you fight was great too though we noticed they managed to quickly get slaughtered and thus you where often playing and fighting solo, which didn’t bother us too much but it did become somewhat humorous the way they all went down like moths to a flame.

We also enjoyed the ability to construct different buildings and place them for our allies to put together and like happy little workers they tended to their jobs without any issues. This feature reminded us of a rather old game and thus became instantly nostalgic. 

Overall had it not been for the lag and Frame Rate issues we feel that this game would of been a lot of fun. It felt similar to older games in which we enjoy whilst also being unique and different at the same time.



+ Combat system is easy to get used to and can be somewhat addictive
+ Movement and Abilities are easy to pull off, even for those who are not big PC gamers
+ Soundtrack is very well put together being very peaceful and ambient
+ The ability to select many different dialogue options was a great addition
+ Customization options where great leaving us with a lot of different options to chose from.


+ Sadly we ended up with Frame Rate issues during areas with a lot of content being loaded in at the same time which unfortunately made the game unplayable. We are unsure of why this issue occurred.

​Developer:  Larkon Studio / Publisher: Larkon Studio
Release Date: 28th July 2017
Platforms: PC
Genre: First-Person Real-Time Strategy. Adventure. RPG. Sandbox Game
Story Length: 
Platinum Trophy Length:
Platform Reviewed On: PC

*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

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