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Scarlet Nexus is an Action RPG title which is a bit mind boggling at first, being set in both the near future and alternate reality.
Though you can play the game and perhaps understand enough with the single run-through, things start to really make sense if you opted to play as both characters instead.
Each character has their own take on what is happening to the world around them and their true motives, which helps give a better insight as to the causes and reasons why things are shaping the way they are.

In the game players get to choose between two different characters such as Kasane Randall, who is an elite cadet that was scouted by the OSF due to her amazing talents and experience whilst out in the field.
Whilst the other playable character is Yuito Sumeragi who is a bit more of a rookie, he decides to join the OSF after being saved by them. It just so happens that his family are also members of the team.
As for the OSF themselves, they tend to play a huge role within the game and are essentially your law and enforcement team, tasked with taking down the enemies that may threaten the city. These enemies are a group of monstrous beings who hunger for the human brain and are classed as being the Others.

Both of the playable characters have their own unique personalities and skills within the game. Whilst Kasane has the ability to use throwing knives during combat, Yuito has the ability to wield a katana. However, they both are also masters of psychokinesis and with it they can combine their abilities and set themselves up for some good combo attacks. There are multiple ways to take down your foes, including finishing moves too known as the Brain Crush which adds quite a lot of satisfactory especially after a tough fight.
I personally found the combat to be very confusing and complex at first, however after a while it gradually got easier. Being able to use the environment to your advantage was a real unique and enjoyable way of fighting.

Outside of that the game tends to play more like a visual novel than a cinematic story telling. Preferring to deliver still pictures with the dialogue, this wasn’t too bad as we are used to visual novels after having played quite a few of them already. Still for an Action RPG, it came as a bit of a surprise as its usually this genre that is known for delivering great cinematic scenes and wonderful environments.
Speaking of environments, a lot of the game is based in a single area and thus limiting any chance of actually being able to explore. A lot of the game felt like a linear story driven experience, with the same or very similar looking type of enemies which got boring after a while.

What I did enjoy with this title though is that even if you are playing as a different character, the other protagonist still makes their presence known. They didn’t hide waiting and hoping to be picked and played, in fact the game really did make you feel like the game was still about the two protagonists and wasn’t limiting in this regard. It was also interesting whenever they would mention each other and give their opinions on each other, just who exactly is that person? What is their motive? Playing as Yuito especially made this very interesting.

Upgrading abilities and skills during the game comes from gaining BP (otherwise known as Brain Points), these accumulate through combat.
Then later spent on the Brain Map Skill Tree to improve your overall health, strength and add any new abilities. Unfortunately a lot of these abilities are often the same, making the only real difference between these characters during combat is their choice of weapon.

The character bonding is fun, allowing you to give gifts and send people text messages or as the game calls them, Brain Messages. Though, again it is rather linear as despite there being the ability to reply, the replies are often automatic and thus you don’t get a dialogue option to choose from. However, as your bonding with a specific character increases so too does the ability to unlock certain character abilities which often involves unlocking partner healing abilities and certain attack abilities.

Overall the game isn’t bad I just wish it felt less linear and managed to mix more cinematic scenes in with the graphic novel instead of mainly opting for the latter. I feel more cinematic scenes is better for a more faster paced game than your typical visual graphic novel, without it, for me personally at least, it just seems to kill any kind of immersion.

  • Developer: Bandai Namco Studios
  • Publisher: Bandai Namco Studios
    Release Date: June 25th, 2021
    Platforms: PC, PS4, PS5, XBox One, XBox Series X/S
    Genre: Action RPG
    Main Story Length: 
    Platinum Trophy Length: 
    Platform Reviewed On: Playstation 5
  • Overall Rating: 2/5 (Okay)


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